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    Race ready
  2. Fabrication work on the interior of the race car is mostly complete except for some touch-up. Both the battery box and dry sump tank were relocated to the passenger side floor, and the mounting locations for the Ford solenoid and fire system improved. Next up is repairing the frame rails, which are a disaster due to massive abuse (not all of it by me!)
  3. This one here: http://www.canepacollection.com/detail-1992-nissan-gtp-zx_turbo-5117091.html, although I might have to cut back on my beer budget a bit to pay for tires;) Mark
  4. I think another good candidate for reproduction would be the small plastic piece which holds the map light lens in place on the early 240's. I've tried Motorsport and a few others and all state NLA. As those pieces get old and brittle, they're very susceptible to cracking when installing via the two screws. Mark
  5. Another possibility is the input shaft is worn where it is overriden by the seal, as is the case with my car. In an attempt to stop my leak, I installed a new seal into a slightly different position where it is not fully pushed in against the transmission case. This slowed down the trickle, but in the end it looks like I'll need to replace the input shaft to complete stop the leak. Mark
  6. Here's the link: http://vaportrailvettes.com/forms-flyers/autocross2009.jpg Don't know how many cars they're accepting or whether the field is full. Mark
  7. Will do Jon. I'm always open for interesting trades on performance equipment too. The old struts are still on the car, though hopefully not much longer. FYI a local Corvette club is running an autocross this weekend here in Lompoc. I'm going to take my red street 240Z with Ground Control coil-overs and heat-cycled-out RR compound Hoosiers and have some fun. Too bad you're not back in Cali to enjoy the fun! I give you credit for explaining to me the whole coil-over theory some years back at Buttonwillow. Mark
  8. Jon, I gotta very very good deal for you. Seriously though, they'll probably get put on Ebay; they'll buy anything over there. Mark
  9. FYI John I finally gave up on the Advance Design inserts - never could get them to work correctly with any of the 250-325 lb. spring rates I was using. I'm changing over to Koni 8611-1259s next season. Mark '70 240Z C Production restored privateer
  10. I've still got John Coffey's block, although it's now bored to 3.1L. My shift light is set at 7k and my Electromotive HPV1 limits the revs to 7.5k. I'm not quite as comfortable as John was running it up any higher, and the chassis dyno showed that with my current cylinder there was nothing to be gained up there anyhow. Last year's rebuild showed the main bearings were like new after a season's use. Greg, is there any chance your block might be flexing? I'm running a stiff ARE pan with larger allen head bolts to inhibit flexing, although I don't know for sure if it's actually helping. Mark Belrose
  11. VARA's Route 66 Classic at Auto Club Speedway (Cal Speedway) is happening March 7-8. Several Datsuns will be racing in various categories, including at least five 240Zs that I know of in C Prodution. The following excerp was copied from the CentralCoastZCar website, authored by Scott Burkhardt of Club Z: Hello Everyone! I am excited, a very cool special event is happening!!! Group Z and other So Cal Z Clubs have been invited to come to the V.A.R.A. Route 66 Classic at Auto Club Speedway March 7Th. Come out and see vintage Datsuns duke it out wheel to wheel with Porches, Alphas, Mazdas and more. Larry says "Be sure to wear your Datsun shirts because the garages will be open. Come show your colors and say hello to the different teams". Special arrangements have been made so we can all park together car show style in the infield area. There are good places you can sit to watch the race but if you want to hang out with your car bring a chair. Cost: $10 per person. Bring the attached flyer and get a 2 for 1 discount. DANG! $10 to see 160 MPH Datsuns whooping on Porches and everyone else. What a deal! $20 per car if you would like to do the lunch time drive around on the track. Proceeds from this event go to charity. It is OK to bring food but, NO PETS are allowed even if you planned to eat them. Food and alcohol will be sold at the track. Ear plugs may make you more comfortable, depending on where you end up sitting. I'm bringing mine. Where is this fine indulgence into vintage racing happening? Auto Club Speedway 9300 Cherry Ave Fontana, CA 92335 Enter off of Cherry Ave(main entrance), follow the special event signs, head toward the garages, look for garage #2 and ask for Darleen. She will tell you where to park and help you with consent forms if you bring your kids. Qualifying begins at 8 am. Darleen said to show up between 9 and 10 am but you can come earlier if you want to watch qualifying. Racing begins around 11:30. I can't wait. I hope to see you there! Scott Burkhardt Event coordinator, Group Z. The flyer with two for one coupon is available for download at http://www.vararacing.com/ Hope to see you there! Mark Belrose 1970 vintage C Production 240Z
  12. I've got the wiper motor from my original '70 C Production race car sitting in my attic. As far as I know the wiper motor was never used, as the car was taken off the showroom and stripped of extraneous parts. The plastic encasing the harness is brittle and the plastic surrounding the 5-prong plug is cracked (the car including stripped parts sat in the Mojave Desert for years). At least the unit has no rust. I'd put it away in the event the unit from my street car failed, but since I never drive that car in the rain it's sort of a moot point. Probably $100 including shipping from central CA, and I'll guarantee it. Let me know if interested.
  13. A set of original Minilites?:classic:
  14. Hi Donna, I think I remember you. Steve McConnell's friend right? I'm in Baghdad right now saving $ for race car parts, among a few other things. Look forward do seeing you again some time next year, maybe at Buttonwillow or Laguna Seca. You still in the Sacramento area?

  15. Hi Mark! It me Donna. Met you at BW. John and I was just talking about your raceZ regarding springs. He recommend your set up, because he was truely impressed how your car handles.

    I just wanted to say Hi and hope to see you guys soon. :)

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