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What type of brake pad should I use?


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On my 73 240, I'm getting ready to replace the front brake pads, and possibly rear shoes. The brakes are stock and I don't have any plans to upgrade for a while. On my previous vehicles (BMW 533, 325, Volvo V70 T5) I found that replacing the pads with Metal Master semi-metallics gave me better fade resistance. My car is mostly driven on the street (and somewhat hard at that), although next season I plan to attend a few autocrosses and a track day or two.

So have any of you tried the Metal Masters? I've also heard of a brand, name begins with an "F" I think, that was raved about for track use. But given I will drive very little on the track, don't know if that makes sense. Also, this is not my daily driver, so I'm really not too worried about the life of the pads - within reason of course :classic:



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Never used the Metal Master pads, but I have used Ferodo's and they aren't as that great...

Best bet is to go with Hawks, they have compounds for street, street/competition and all out competition. You can also get them from Carbotech, and then there's always Porterfield.




Personally, I'd go with the Hawk pads. They have the selection you need to find the right one for whatever you end up doing with the car.

FWIW, the Nismo Competition rear shoes are expensive, and don't last long. I used cheap ones from Napa that were comparable to the Metal Masters and had good results while I was road racing and saved a pile of money. Something along the lines of Performance Friction rear shoes would be a good choice for shoes.

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