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I've got a question for you guys. Sorry it has nothing to do with our cars, but this has been a place where I've always gotten good advice.

I have an invention that I'm gonna try and patent. I was wondering if anyone out there has gone through this and if you had any advice.


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Yes,check the patent office website for your product.Next if all is well find a patent attorney.That'll be about $5000.00 fro them to do the same search.One you have a patent applied for you can show a company and have then sign a nondisclose aggrement.It's a costly and time consuming thing.Good luck.Oh yeah,A friend got one for a woodworking tool.Later he see's it a magazine for sell.He calls the attorney.The attorney wants to get them---for a fee.I don't think the patent ever made him a dime.Most say make the product and flood the market before the masses can copy it.

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Another thing to consider is if it has multiple components that need to be made by a shop or something(for use of a prototype or something), farm out the different components to different shops so noone sees the whole picture except you.

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My wife had a good idea that we looked into patenting recently. We consulted a friend who is a trademark attorney. His advise we to do a thorough Google search first on the idea first. If it shows up as being done by someone already, you'll save on a lot of attorney's fees. HE said it can easily cost you $10k+ to get a good patent filed. At the end of that, all you have is a patent. You still need to find a way to market it.

Good luck,


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it just so happens that I designed and built a prototype of a rear hatch popper for the 240Z/260Z and the 280Z.

I used the open space above the hazard switch for the momentary switch that opens the hatch

I also tapped it w/ my alarms second channel so I can open it through remote control on the outside of the car.

if you think this is something you'd be interested in I'll do my best to draw it out for you, BUT it'll cost ya.

and you'll have to build it your self or I'll build it for you and charge accordingly

complete drawing and diagrams will be available soon, but I wont do anything if no one is interested.

let me know.....


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