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traction question


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I am running the orig, turbine style wheels that I believe are 7" and a 14" wheel. Presently I am running 195x70s . I know I know just a stock size. but I recently replaced the front rotors and am using performance pads in front and like wise in the rear, only stock drums . My ? is this, the other day on dry pavement I had to panic stop the car from speed and fried the front tires , which have about 1k miles on them. They are not a name brand tire any one other those from the northwest would be aquainted with. Any way what is a good tire that affords good stopping and cornering that will come in a 14" tire. This is a cruser not a racer and I like the twisties , drive mostly only on dry days . What are you autocross guys using ?:classic:

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Falken Azenis sport, absolutly te best performance tire for the money. A lot of auto-xers use them in street tire classes. anything else and you have to double the price.

only comes in a 195 in 14 though. They don't last as long as a conventional tire (20k tops) but for the price... buy 2 sets. I sugest buying them from discount tire (tires.com) bc they have free shipping on a set.


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Although, at this time I'm running the Ziex on my 240. They are an excellant tire for street driving. And they offer a few better sizes for this model. I've also been using them in autox, although they aren't as sticky as the Azenis are. But I will say this about the Ziex: they are VERY predictableall the way to their traction limit and beyond. I have run these tires on a long track where speeds are above 100 mph. I have also gone through turns at over 70 mph with the back end kicked out and have yet to lose control of the car with these tires. They are that predictable and controlled. And for the $45 per tire price, I couldn't be happier! www.victoriatire.com

I have also driven these tires during the rain on a course and they performed great.

Although I like the Ziex, when these wear out I will get a set of Azenis for my car.

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$45/tire is a great deal, I have forgotten how cheap small tires are (I just paid $106 for a truck tire yesterday...one tire). Anyhow, for autox are the Falken Azenis the best tire for the money? I will need a set of tires for autox and that's all they will be used for, I have two sets of wheels and the other set will have my daily street tires on them so tread wear is not as big of a concern to me.

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For the amount of grip the Azenis provide, yes they are the best tire for the money. Only down side is there is only one size offered for a 14" rim (195/60R14). That was my reasoning for getting the Zeix. I wanted at least a 205 series tire for my car. But i have driven a 914 (6 cyl.) with the Azenis; they stuck like glue. I have also seen the 195's on another car and they don't look as skinny as I thought they would.

Since you will be using a 2nd set of street tires, I would definitely go for the Azenis. Keep in mind, the Azenis absolutely suck in the rain or wet! They are not meant to be driven in the rain. But in the dry, they are freakin awesome!

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On my daily driver I run the Falken Ziex ZE-502 195/60/14's

At first glance, I was dissapointed. When I went to my local tire store, I asked "Can you get me these Falken sports car tires?" "The really sticky ones?". "Sure thing!" "and they're on sale for $45.00 apeice" my tire guy replied. When he got them, I saw the treadwear rating of 420 and said "these are grandma tires, they are not what I wanted!"

Well, I bought them anyway, and they turned out to be a pretty good tire. I've pushed them as far as you'd ever want to push a street tire and they've responded above what you'd expect for that specification.

It only takes me 15 minute tops to swap my street wheels for my set with the Kuhmo Victoracers 195/55/14's.

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I've had these on my Z for a while, and I'm pretty happy with them. They're nice and soft, and get pretty good traction. Wet traction isn't bad, when it gets really cold out, and the rubber hardens up they aren't so good, but I haven't found a tire that really likes it when it's below freezing.

They are also pretty inexpensive. Definitely worth checking out. I got them originally because they were one of the very few performance tires available in 195/70/14s.

I believe the treadwear isn't that great, but since you should replace the rubber before it gets hard, and they're inexpensive anyway, it's not really a problem. Compare with high performance motorcycle rubber, and you'll feel like you're stealing them!

Anyway, give 'em a go!


PS... looked around a little on tire rack, read this page:


Don't fit the 14" rims, but they make them for 15"s and up. No experience with them, but they sound pretty nifty! :)

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