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  1. Mmmmmmmmmm. yummy BRAISED fuel lines. Very tasty indeed.
  2. And then later that year an ad for the new Datsun 1200. http://nrsccahistory.com/Newsletters/1970/EN7009.pdf How times have changed.
  3. Nostaligic 1970 Nebrasksa region SCCA newsletter with 240Z advertisement by the local dealer .... http://nrsccahistory.com/Newsletters/1970/EN7003.pdf
  4. Tom Holt and Rick Martinez and I all showed up with our Z's in FP at the National Tour in Houston and divisional at the Avon/Cooper tire test center as well as some Spokes events. The pics were probably from one of those. Me and the Z are resting this year so it hasn't been out of the garage and I'm driving a Miata and an MR2 in E Stock.
  5. Don't forget, you will need something to cover it up. Like a bulkhead or a cover or something to keep it separated from the interior of the car.
  6. It's been around for a while. The biggest attraction is environmental, no used media disposal problems.
  7. Sorry to hear you are letting you baby go Ken. It was good seeing you out at the autox last week. This is a good car.
  8. gramercyjam

    2005 SW Divisional #1

  9. It won't sound anything like a honda. It will sound good, but it will be quite loud without the resonator.
  10. Exactly the opposite. Larger change in throttle is a smaller change at the rear tires. Less responsive. It's real easy to mash down the pedal. Resonsivleness is something amatuers worry about. That is _easy_ to achieve. The key is control. How closely can you walk the line between a crash and a win?
  11. Thats not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about control of power. This is due to gear ratios. input RPM/output RPM. fine thread VS coarse thread. 100:1 VS 1:1.
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