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Early 240Z Rearview Mirror - Is this correct?


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I'm the second owner of an early (11/69) 240Z. The car came with a rearview mirror that is a little different from other 240Z mirrors I've seen. This mirror has a red dot on one edge of the day/night twist and nothing on the other edge. The broad sides of the twist have plain, vertical ridges. The other 240Z mirrors I've seen have a picture of a sun on one broad side and a star on the other side.

I've attached a picture of my mirror. Is this a correct early 240Z mirror?




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Originally posted by koreavet


I've attached a picture of my mirror. Is this a correct early 240Z mirror?

Can't tell if the mirror is original from the picture (too close of a view) but the twist knob is NOT original. As mentioned, it should have SUN on one side and STAR on the other side.

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This mirror with the red spot could be the factory fit item for the 2000 GT GTR or a similar car, this item is multi fit and supplied to Nissan for at least four diffrent vehicle types. As you know in early production many things where in short supply a single mirror with a red dot could easily slip quality control if it arrived in a box of 1000.

that one theory



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I have 11/69 HLS30-00026 and have the sun star mirror. The red dot came with cars equipped with elephant oil caps!ROFLLOL

Seriously, you're fine. This is one of the technical peculiarities of our early series one cars.

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if you scratch off the red dot you could be one of a few lucky winners for the following prizes from Datsun's 1969/70 super sweepstakes......

First Prize: two roundtrip tickets for you and a guest to the Woodstock Festival taking place in Saugerties, NY in August!

Second Prize: A Duncan Butterfly Yo Yo and a set of real glass clik claks!

Third Prize: a new rear view mirror to replace the old red dot mirror with an authentic 240Z Sun/Star from Nissan.

go ahead and give it a try!!!! good luck!!!

just kidding

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I checked my mirror,(03/70 made)it has star knob.

But I looked at 2 owner's manuals,there is a different description in each one.

#1 (15th Jan 1970 issued) "To rotate the adjustment knob,the red mark for day driving,turn the knob 180 degrees for night driving"

#2 ( 20th Mar 1970 issued) "To rotate the adjustment knob,the

"@"(star)mark for day driving,turn the knob 180 degrees for night


And please look at this carefully,this car is a very very early production 240Z,which showed up in the press kit 22nd Oct 1969

,letter size brochure and canadian mono color brochure.

I can see the red dot on the mirror knob.



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Some might not realise that there was yet another version of the earliest interior rear-view mirrors.

This was from the 'no frills' base-level Fairlady Z ( S30-S ) and it had no knob on it at all - it had no 'Night' anti-dazzle position.

This was also seen on the 432R, which shared many of the 'no frills' touches of the S30-S in an attempt to save weight.

*96321-E4100 BACK MIRROR arse'Y - inside ( S30-S & PS30-SB )

( no Anti-Dazzle position )

*96321-E4600 BACK MIRROR arse'Y - inside

*96321-E4601 BACK MIRROR arse'Y - inside

I wonder if the E4600 is the "Red Dot" type and the E4601 is the "Sun & Star" type that very quickly superseded it?

Alan T.

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I see this post has been going on for some time, I seem to have more to contribute. Good thing I searched!

I just received some early Z parts , and in the box was an interior mirror with a dimmer of type not mentioned above.

It has a lever to push side to side, rather than a knob to rotate, with a moon and a sun on either side of the lever face. The body of the mirror has a slight indent where the level is recessed (slightly) to stop it left and right.

The owner of the parts claimed that some part were from a 70.

Its in great shape, the mirror is nearly perfect, the black on the back is slightly faded, but no plastic deterioration that I can see. A little SEM and its going to be like new.

Any one ever hear of this type of mirror in a 240?


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I visited an old car shop is selling Bellett parts,I found 2 mirrors.I noticed they are interchangeable to Z,the bracket is slightly different.I can easily

apply them to Z.Just screw off from the bracket then apply Z's bracket.

Bellett mirror is made by same manufacture in Japan.I guess these 2 red dot mirrors were applied same time range like from late 1960's to early 1970's.




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I just bid on it to make a mold of the turn fob, and the arm, the rest of the parts look like they are shared with the later version, if someone wants it (Or has one they would loan me for a week) worse than me, please allow me to make molds for those few with really early Zs.


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