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  1. I think though in your description you may have made a mistake on the price of the carbs. For 5200 you could have a very nice Stand Alone Fuel management system, and a great engine build. Beautiful Z by the way, wish I could buy it.
  2. Can also give grey smoke at start up. Verify correct fuel pressure and go from there.
  3. You perhaps knocked off a vacumn line somewhere?
  4. In short VERIFY VERIFY VERIFY!! before you do anything. A good meat thermometer in the radiator will tell you where you are as far as how hot your getting. Never ever run without a T stat, just waiting for bad things to happen there.
  5. IE like GReddy, HKS or the like. It is a recirculatory device with vents through your IAC into the 4th intake runner.
  6. Then you really wouldnt need one as it has a recirculating type bov from the factory. Until you start adding more power and boost to the car I wouldnt worry about it yet. The biggest bang for the buck is a 3 inch mandrel bent exhaust from the turbo back Nets you 20 hp
  7. Welcome to a more civilized place then Zcar.com. I think you will like it here, most are very courteous and nice. Though since you are a female be on the lookout for that 2manyZ's guy. Hes a perv J/K Once again welcome to the better part of the Z community, which is here at 240Z.org, oooops well now classiczcars.com
  8. You would have to go with a stand alone unit like SDS, Haltech, Microtech, and so on and so on. Bigger injectors will do nothing for a vehicle that doesnt need it. More fuel without more air will only make you run rich and waste gas. Why may I ask would you want bigger injectors? Is this a turbo car?
  9. To put a FPR inline before the webers, one thing they dont like is high pressure. Make sure your not supplying more then 4psi to the carbs. Glad to hear you found a gremlin trying to take away your happiness.
  10. With a turbo, dont know where you got that it wouldnt as I have one on mine. The air enters the filter goes threw the AFM to the turbo. This has nothing to do with cooling the intake charge temps. That is the purpose of the intercooler. But if you actually look at your car it alread has cold air intake as the filter sits at the front of the car. If you plan on going turbo I wouldnt be spending money now on headers and such. I would be saving up for a GOOD intercooler, piping for the intercooler and 3 inch mandrel bent piping from the turbo back.
  11. First make sure the engine is in good tune. Like beandip suggested do all your adjustments and timing and the like. Move on to your braking system and make sure it is up to par. Then the next best thing you can do is work on the suspension. Bushing replacement is a must. Then struts and springs. After that, move on to engine mods. A 78 5 speed with a 4:11 would make it accelerate quite nicely.
  12. It was last year I think, he wanted 20k for it then, it was ugly then and still is ugly now as far as Im concerned As far as the 87+ Z31 tail lights go on a Z, looks horrible!!!!!:sick:
  13. See whats going on, you are definetly running to hot and if you continue to do so you will eventually cause engine damage. Look at the fluid in your radiator, see if it is circulating. Do you know the condition of your water pump, radiator? Has the coolant been changed recently, is it 50/50 mix. Something is amiss, check each system and find out whats going on. An easy fix can become a real pain if you keep driving with the temperatures so high.
  14. Most of the sloppy handling does come in the fact of olllllllllllllld rubber. For a great price on a complete set of urethane bushings if that is the route that you will choose go to www.suspension.com, talk to Bruce, great guy. Also depending on how you drive and what you will be doing with your car is indicative of the suspension set up you choose. Me personally I dont mind a lil bit of a rough ride to get good handling. Ive always went with and been happy with SST springs and Tockico struts. MY ZXT that I have now has a complete Tokico set up less the sway bars. I must say Im pretty impressed with theyre springs as well. Good luck with whatever you decide
  15. I hope you will enjoy your time here and your purchase. I must say though that once you get into a Z, you better be ready for a sickness that never is cured. It begins with the first car and never ends. Welcome to one of the best sites on the internet.
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