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Fuel Pump Terminal Protection


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Hi all:

I've been under my car off and on for the past couple of years redoing the fuel system.  When I disconnected the wiring from the OEM pump, the terminals were covered in what looked like polyester body filler (Bondo), which I had to chisel/sand off.  Beneath that were plastic washer-like pieces that appeared to be meant for a cover to snap over after the wiring was connected.  I'm thinking that Bondo wasn't factory, lol.  What did the factory use for a cover?  I looked for some sort of rubber boot, but didn't find anything that looked like it would fit.  I could glob on some RTV.  But I figured I'd ask here first.

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2 minutes ago, SteveJ said:

Yeah, plain ones like that are around.  But mine had plastic "washers" of sorts trapped under the nuts that looked like they were intended for a cover to snap onto.  Sorry I wasn't more clear (edited original post to clarify).

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My '77 had that pink bondo looking stuff too and I'm almost positive the pump was OE.

I think those plastic things are like some kind of "locker" type device to keep the terminals secure. Just a guess though.

I'm doing a link to something really helpful to the 280 owners if you haven't seen it.


Screenshot_20230124-133046_Samsung Internet.jpg

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