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Spammers operating on this site !

Sean Dezart

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When you post a parts-wanted ad OR reply to and ad/thread requesting a part, beware of the responses : can be a simple reply, usually a private/direct message.

The guy might even refer you to another saying ''I've seen this guy advertsing a few''

It'll all sound totally convincing and along with the request for paypal via 'friends/family', which, to a member on this forum seems reasonable too.

Check out their member status : for how long they've been a member here and have they posted anywhere else and what was it - in most cases only a VERY brief time, sometimes the same day and with no other public activity (hence the PMs).

Admin/moderators - impossible to screen every request for membership however may it be possible that every new member must post a message in the presentation section to unblock their activity elsewhere ?

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And this : 

Did you ever source one?

Just in case I’ve one for sale.


and this (guy forgot he'd already PM-ed me):

Did you ever source one?

and this last - all received the same day :


Hey buddy I have what you are looking for in good condition if you are still interested you can kindly contact me on my business email address



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17 hours ago, Sean Dezart said:

Can an admin/mod alter the titel please to read 'scammers' ? Thanks.

Sean, you can do this yourself, i've done this before on a topic of myself.. don't ask me how... but if you want to change it in a month or so you can! (older topic's it does not work anymore.)

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I realize this is an old post but you may also want to be careful with a guy "Emma wayne".  I posted a general question about door skins.  He sent me a pm indicating he had some for sale... etc.etc.etc.

I should have known better because at the time, he recently joined the forum.  But I checked his profile and he still visits regularly.

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