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  1. Lol - there's no discussing with you on the subject - is there Mr Anderson !😶😄
  2. The sales have started and of the 10x sets in the style of Z432 wheels, there remain just 5x in stock with shipments to Australia, the UK, Europe and of course two here. Sales have also begun to flourish of the in the style of (works) 'rally-mags' with 6x sales also to various continents.....stocks are limited and I'm still not sure whether either of these two versions will be repeated.......bye for now...but wait, this just in.....: ....now available via ebay as single items if you want a cool-looking garage decoration 😆...........or buy 4x, be wild and daring against the establishment - and just fit them to a Z😏 for Real pleasure ! https://www.ebay.com/itm/392996937272?fbclid=IwAR0Y8reQg-FebpbVy5mtTPhENg1iXGbuVHv66d9UuOLEFWQXvxkvX55HxjU
  3. There's always a villain for each decade.....once upon a time, Japan was supposedly buying up huge quantities of scrap metal from which to produce cars and consumer goods....all this at a moment when they were investing incredibly strongly in there steel development and production which became the best in the world car exports went up - pocket radios, microwave ovens, walkmans (mostly plastic ok!) and their ship-building yards had huge order books filled.......the natural 'defense' of other countries was not to look at what they doing wrong, it was that Japan was 'cheating' by using any old iron'......."do you want your new toaster to be made from a 40yr old scrap Caddy ?'' Then it was the pastics invasion from Hong Kong - everything you could buy was "Made in HK''. Then Eastern Europe, now China, soon Korea, India, Brazil and let's not foirget your specific markets by Mexico - I know, lets not just build a 'trade-wall' but a real one......I digress, sorry but whom do you guys believe you'll be protecting ? a) the US consumer b) the US retailer c) the US conglomerate d) the foreign conglomerate e) the poorly paid, hard working machine operative who only wants a better life for his kids and has the least say in the matter f) all of the above g) none of the above.......please develop !
  4. Hi - can you replicate for two sets please : 1973 and 1978 ?
  5. You make this all so personal Alan. What needed and wanted to be said has been, repeatedly and provocatively. When anyone else wants a set of either wheel type, please PM me - I'm switching off notifications of this thread. Yo'all have a great weekend - very wet and stormy here so I'm off down to my store to wrap some exhausts.
  6. Hi, I thought that we had moved on ! I hope that you wrote this in the heat of the moment : How would you describe my 'attitude' please ? I have read (listened) to every word in this post (a lot of it very-personal opinions unbased in fact) and with respect, you and the others know very little of the circumstances of these wheels becomming on sale here at an affordable price and even discounted for donating members - there's a lot more to it and you could have PM-ed me to find out before such a post ! No hard feelings. There has been a systematic smear campagin of fake news and scaremongering the moment these wheels came up for sale in the UK now reduced to a wild hypothesis that M-Speed test each wheel received, rejected hundreds and returned them to the factory to be sold out the back door as potentially faulty. C'mon, in those circumstances wouldn't the responsable company action be to keep or destroy them to prevent their misuse/resale ? I don't understand how my exhausts and bronze oil-drives have any relation to these wheel sales and disappointedly consider it quite spiteful of you to attempt to damage those sales. I've been producing these for over 10 years, learnt a lot, revised and developed, built up a good reputation and the last 9x years of which have been aimed at paying off the credit taken out after my 'partner' dropped me in the sh*t. The same could be said of anyone selling any second-hand wheels or new after-market brakes and suspension which have disclaimers on them stating "off-road use only" - let's remain realistic please. These wheels are no worse or better than those sold in Japan under the guise of being non-Chinese wheels - why else would the demanding company, in this case M-Speed, insist upon or accept the 'Made in China' casting ground off ? They were even reccomended to friends of a participant here and the Japanese bought them in confidence ! I'm think that I'm paying the same factory price for the wheels as M-Speed. I have overheads just as they do namely the shipping and customs to Europe, sales tax here, (social charges and 'business-space tax' - it's a French thing !) and finally the handling costs of shipping elsewhere. I have placed a reasonable profit on these wheels which'll allow me to reinvest that into new products which you'll see later this year. I believe that M-Speed made a grave error in choosing 14'' as a diameter but as Alan said, they were made and destined for the JDM (purists and also Z432 owners who perhaps want to keep their original wheels safe indoors ?). They were therefore never intended to be sold in the USA or other export countries. Owners are therefore lucky to have three* suppliers in the US to choose from, simply with different pricing : direct off M-Speed via Yahoo.jp.auctions, JDM parts here or me. *I always understood that America stood for free trade and choice and anti-monopolies. I've read your rant about Chinese parts in aeroplanes......just open your cell-phone and see where they're made : China produces to a budget - tell them to make something for 2 cents and they will but it'll be crap : either M-Speed had given the factory a realistic budget for quality goods or not......and if not, we're all in the brine ! If there is one BIG difference between myself and other retailers, it's that I am a Z owner with a 'club spirit' who still remembers what it's like to be the other side of the counter buying at distance from un unamed, faceless website. I back up any of my sales with replacement or reimbursement AND take the time to listen and advise existing and potentiel clients on a range of subjects - not just those I've sold. Now please, can we turn the page - if I don't sell from this forum, it's not a problem - you've been informed and we've all had an animated, 'free-speech' discussion. These wheels are selling and I've had several messages of support following certain vitriolic posts.
  7. You think so ? or perhaps it depends into which caste sytem you're born..... Genetic engineering at its' most superfluous.
  8. Who, since the mid '60s bought all the Japanese cars, motorbikes, radios, Walkmans (showing my age), ships....who invited them to build factories in our countries ? And Burma, India, Bangladesh, Parkistan plus oil from Iran, Saudia Arabia.......the worlds isn't a 'clean ' place.
  9. "......considered against the Australian adage of, “good enough for the bush” and the nations pride in bush ingenuity." It's everywhere these days Gavin with 'just-in-time' production and accountants leading companies and screwing costs down to the last cent to be 'just that little bit' more competitive than the next ! How does anyone know how well a factory will fabricate anything down the line - if anyone, chez M-Speed for example, checks anything it'll be a quick visuel inspection - what else do you expect ? I might know at least as much as you on the subject of quality-control. Frankly - this is none of YOUR business either. You're only feeling sorry for a Japanese company trying (and failing) to hide the foreign manufacture of their parts and doing your upmost, all of you, to dissuade anyone from buying them with wild imagination and pure speculation on their actuel and future quality.....and on the way just having a good dig at me personally. And that's it - your gameplay to prohibit the sale of these wheels to the ordinary guy, proud of his Z who's seen these wheels in photos and is now offered the opportunity to own them.....but that, in your minds, 'devalues their curbside appeal' so rather no-one have them. Please don't label ME selfish !
  10. These are the Japanese (Made in China) reproduction versions. 14x5.5J ET+25 PCD 4x114.3 CB 73.1 Weight 5.82kgs Color – bronze/anthracite Uses standard, tapered wheel-nuts : tyres (tires) fitted were 195/70x14R Price (shipping included) for four : aus$1859 Any questions, measurements required, please don’t hesitate to ask.
  11. I admire your courage, diligence and wealth - so why go to all those lengths and keep them for your selves ? NB, my surname is Dézart - thanks.
  12. Hello Gavin. I read words like 'seemed' and 'could ascertain' which are really just your personal opinion aren't they - no proof. 3) because the answer isn't clear and I'm unwilling to make that clear.....yet ! The 'Made'in' is partially ground off but not at my demand - I asked if it was cast somewhere and it had been a condition imposed before exporting - I said no need on my behalf hence partially done. The better question to ask is why M-Speed insisted upon grinding off the 'Made in China' ? Even if everyone in Japan knew or guessed at their origin - why have the factory grind off the origin country ? Why does it matter ? Long story on and off between Alan, Jason and myself but it does matter to you ''Cha Bu Duo'' ! I'm not complaining about M-Speeds' or their retailers' prices here and the market HAS told them they're too expensive. There are no orders coming into the factory ! I can't see why any of you are complaining - none are posing as M-Speed, they're all coming from the same factory and all of the same factory-inspected quality. How were M-Speed going to test batches and IF any were discarded, do you genuinely believe M-Speed would post back a few pallets ? You, like the other pair are deliberately casting doubt on these wheels in an attempt to simply scare off buyers. The only way that you want to see wheels like this on the market is expensively so as to deter Joe Dough from buying and therefore their prolification upon Zs......in effect, you want to keep them exclusive ! These wheels must arrive chez M-Speed and all that's done is all a white sticker inside which may well be done at the factory before packing for all I know. If I were them, I'd even be shipping the wheels direct from China to their retailer here to increase margins. All this lark about M-Speed quality testing is nonsense - they are a retailer not metallurgists - please be responsable in your remarks. The same doubts were cast by Alan on the UK importing of Atara Pisang wheels that 'emulate' and are 'in the style' of Watanabes but they're fine, running on several race-cars in Europe now. You, yourself were keen about the M-Speed emulations a year ago - very excited and NOW you have concerns.....none of you want the ordinary guy to have anything that approaches the Holy-Grail styles of period wheels. Of course you would but will they ? If the cost is so high that you can't sell enough* of these.....what's going to happen ? * and 'enough' is the key word here, M'Speed aren't and the wheels presumably ordered by them but unpaid are being sold by the factory...I'm not stealing, I'm buying them at the market rate, slightly above that (I believe) of M-Speeds' price. These are the same quality as those seen sonce (2xyears ?) ago and any assumptions to the contrary are not only irresponsable, placing doubt on the M-Speed supplied wheels themselves but complete nonsense designed solely to discourage buyers ! We've gone around the merrygoround now lads : Firstly it was who made them and ethics Then doubt the quality. Then ethics again. Now quality again... I'll put up one of these wheels against one bought from the uS M-Speed retailer and someone independant have them both tested in complete confidence that they are exactly the same But that is just exactly what you guys want - no more Chinese cheap parts and please, don't mention the community when none of you want 'the community' to benefit.....unless you're rich ! I wish you all the success in your endeavours Gavin and you've certainly got the moral highground by supporting local industry and jobs but I wonder whether it will be commercially succesful - will the 8x15s (and yes, put me down for a set please*) be 2000GTs or 240Zs ? Btw, (bit of humour😄) nice balance weight - I always get mine stuck inside.
  13. You mean of course on those forums where I ASKED before posting ! I posted here because the 'reproduction' wheels are already on sale in this continent. Move on Alan - you'll change nothing and I'm thoroughly done with your point-scoring - grow up man.
  14. 9/29/2020 at 3:30 pm RIP 260Z said : Lets be clear here, the M-speed wheels, either the Z432 style or "works" style are not reproductions of the original Kobe Seiko wheels. The M-speed are in the style of. They differ in design, and weight and I think off-set too. The z432 style and original Kobe Seiko I have, do so. The other reproductions done here in the UK and Japan, more than likely took a cast of an original to make some reproductions/replicas. The M-speed are different, therefore can't be reproductions. In the style of. So, I call them replicas/reproductions, Alan does and so does Gavin - so, what do you want to call them ? I'm calling them reproductions - period.😊
  15. Thanks (Ian ?) : https://auctions.yahoo.co.jp/search/search?auccat=&tab_ex=commerce&ei=utf-8&aq=-1&oq=&sc_i=&fr=auc_top&p=ホイール+Z432&x=0&y=0 So, the Japanese auction prices with tax comes to : 1x Z432 : $365(plus shipping) sold here at $599 1x Z432 Rally (works) : $396(plus shipping) sold here at $650 4x Z432 Rally (works) :$1426(plus shipping) sold here at $2600 - my price = $1360 (for supporting forum members) or $1390 for others But the prices are not my point which is better inllustrated in this thread (where, incidentally, Gavin calls the sames wheels 'reproductions' 😉) : https://www.viczcar.com/forums/topic/9553-kobe-seiko-wheels-works-rally-rims-and-more/page/3/ Please scroll down to Gavins' post of wheels fitted to a US buyers' Z dated the 8th April 2019. One sees the inside of the wheels with the build location rubbed out and a simple M-Speed white sticker placed inside the rim seen in the attached photos. So, evidently, someone and presumably M-Speed as they're selling them thus, don't want buyers to know the country of origin...and before Alan says 'that's to avoid someone approaching the factory' sic, thousands of wheels are made all over the world that happily have cast their country of origin including Chinese wheels. The factory would happily have had cast whatever M-Speed wanted.....IF M-Speed had asked.😂 M-Speed wanted/wants to sell these wheels in Japan (and now in the States via JDM parts) as 'Japanese' wheels under Japanese prices and that's why Alan felt that they were 'fair' prices in the JDM. Please.....don't preach to me anymore about ethics !
  16. I had the ad on yahoo but can't find it again, their website doesn't list them and I don't buy Japanese language magazines. As you say, not rocket science so string it out a bit, throw in a few more scornful remarks like you do to most Z owners and post it up, please.
  17. Nope, those are complimentary - I give a little gift with all of my sales. The hub stickers man - and as they're different diameters, that's more work and profit lost. M-Speed only supply 1x type of sticker don't they ? But please don't complain about me avoiding questions when you CBA to post up a simple link to the official dealer of these wheels.....
  18. What could possibly go wrong if it's all legit and out the front door ?
  19. Alan - please would you share with us M-Speeds' current advert for these two types of wheels ?
  20. Yep, Zedhead and his ultimate road Z. But you're quoting what the casting foundry did - I repeat, if M-Speed has a problem, take it up with their factory. You love being 'the crusader' despite not having any personal involvement - why don't you get the details off Jamel and contact the factory ?
  21. Where goes one, so does the other after me whether it be on forums or FB - it's not coincidence ! Yes, I've met you Alan, several times and even given you parts to help your projects (not sold - given), I've tried to make up our differences of opinion privately by email and PMs which you ignore ; it appears you perform best in front' of an audience - so be it ! And if you were a true friend, you'd know what had happend to me or at the least make an effort to find out or even answer a private and personal communication....so I realised that you don't really give a damn, acccepted that fact and moved on - no hard feelings. And BTW, thanks for always being my best advertiser - please keep the posts coming.😉
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