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  1. So let's agree NOT to post on each others' threads (and that includes Alan too) - OK ? Pax Britannica. 😊 I didn't understand until now the level of animosity you have towards me - someone you've never met and don't know.
  2. Drink your own medicine ; you and the Count follow me around everywhere ! However, in a free world, anyone can post when and where he (or she) likes - no ?
  3. So please be the guinea-pig and buy it :-)
  4. And this : Zee Speed 0 Started conversation: yesterday at 11:54 AM Did you ever source one? Just in case I’ve one for sale. --------------------- and this (guy forgot he'd already PM-ed me): Zee Speed 0 Started conversation: yesterday at 11:49 AM Did you ever source one? --------------------------- and this last - all received the same day : johnpeters20613 0 Started conversation: 19 hours ago Hey buddy I have what you are looking for in good condition if you are still interested you can kindly contact me on my business email address [email protected]
  5. Can an admin/mod alter the titel please to read 'scammers' ? Thanks.
  6. When you post a parts-wanted ad OR reply to and ad/thread requesting a part, beware of the responses : can be a simple reply, usually a private/direct message. The guy might even refer you to another saying ''I've seen this guy advertsing a few'' It'll all sound totally convincing and along with the request for paypal via 'friends/family', which, to a member on this forum seems reasonable too. Check out their member status : for how long they've been a member here and have they posted anywhere else and what was it - in most cases only a VERY brief time, sometimes the same day and with no other public activity (hence the PMs). Admin/moderators - impossible to screen every request for membership however may it be possible that every new member must post a message in the presentation section to unblock their activity elsewhere ?
  7. Point noted and nevertheless, should you decide to proceed with production, not onlu I but many others will be customers. :-)
  8. Must they have compound curves ? Can you estimate the cost - maybe start up a poll to see whether people will pay ? I'd like 4x sets to start you off.
  9. Hi. Are you likely to increase the range by covering the other S30s up to and including 1978 ?
  10. Guys - a well maintained engine shouldn't be doing this...in any weather ! Nissan did not make it so.
  11. Fit some efficient heat-shield material and run it from engine head to chassis rail. https://www.google.com/search?q=nimbus+heat+shield&rlz=1C1VSNC_enFR576FR576&oq=nimbus+heat+shield&aqs=chrome..69i57j69i59j0i22i30l2.4227j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8 There's a lot of turbulence behind the radiator - does anyone seriously believe the the hot air rises only vertically ?
  12. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/144315746259?_trkparms=ni_actn%3Anav|ni_nt%3AOUTBID|ni_apos%3A1|ni_sg%3A1|ni_pos%3A1|ni_st%3ANEW|ni_wh%3A1|ni_nid%3A619810687070|ni_nsid%3A144315746259|ni_et%3A1639082421000|ni_bn%3A1&_trksid=p2380424.m570.l5997
  13. Keep in touch - my next batch due in just before Easter in April.
  14. It's not 'up to you' Alan and if you see such an opportunity as a task - it's dead in the water - it must be a pleasure, a passion.......a legacy (much like the 'deal' when you took over the C10 from your Japanese friend) to continue educating people, showing, explaining, promoting. I absolutely agree with you here "that responsibility has an obligation to get it right, or at least get it as right as possible". Without your 'inside' and more profound knowledge, it won't ALL be here so any writer won't know what he's missing to have included ! Can you imagine me rummaging around and then presenting it to you for pre-production peer critique/fact-checked ? You'd soon get pissed off despite the material for public consumption contained therein ! Better that the peer himself write it and have THAT checked by HIS peers !
  15. Sean Dezart

    R200 3.9

    Yep ! Only advantage ours have over here is that they're 99% very low mileage : ask me why 😅 !
  16. So, collated, sieved but plagiarism...always a touchy subject of yours however we're all still waiting for the best possible definitive JDM S30 book (in English) from the man who knows..... and obviously the only way to have the truth told and dispersed...maybe even copied by the lazy journalists but at least they'll be plagiarising what they ought to share.😊
  17. Ok, thx. Any new ones available anywhere ? If anyone else has - I'm still looking please.
  18. This one when pushed in, sticks on one side - a pita to open the hatch !
  19. Perhaps mayolives perceives that you were criticising when merely pointing out a fact ? If it has been gleaned from here then at least it's all in one place - an easy read Ladybird book of 'How to Z432-R' although there are a few bloopers such as : "Kobe Siebo Rally magnesium wheels''
  20. Hi - so the slam panel is intergrated in the rear lights/valence panel ? How much to ship to 85700, France please and could you fit other panels inside with it for the same shipping cost ? Thx

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    6x wanted please


  22. View Advert New 86mm flat-top pistons 6x wanted please Advertiser Sean Dezart Date 11/28/2021 Price Category Parts Wanted Year 0 Model 280Z  
  23. Sean Dezart

    R200 3.9

    I have two but I'm in France and it won't be cheap.😉
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