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Need clutch disc, not kit

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Well I stand by the belief that the problem is in front if the transmission somewhere and not internal to the tranny itself.

Is this an accurate description of what's going on in your sound byte?

Put it in first and rev the engine with the car not moving. All quiet.
Let the clutch out a little bit and let the car creep forward.
Push the clutch in and come to a stop with it still in first and rev the engine. Unpleasant noise.

If that's what's happening, I really don't think the problem is inside the tranny case. I think it's something in the clutch system.

I don't have any strong theories about exactly what is going on, but I think something is chattering around in there. Disk on the splines as ZH suggested above?

Is there any possibility the starter is involved? Something shifting somehow and the starter gear is buzzing against the ring gear on the flywheel? Seems hard to come up with an explanation of the sequence of events, but just tossing that out there as something to think about.

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7 hours ago, Zed Head said:

One part that might buzz is the spring(s) in the disc.

That's what i thought!  The disk does that noise..

After i seen what you have in there.. i think it even more!  That's why i always stick to original, to avoid this kind of hassle.

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Those puck style discs don't have the marcels, or cushioning plates, between the friction material surfaces.  They are prone to chatter.

https://www.maximummotorsports.com/Clutch-Disk-Tech-C294.aspx#:~:text=Marcels - A clutch disk with,the flywheel and pressure plate.



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As long as it's not indicative of a problem I'm OK with it. Actually, the 5-speed that I rebuilt using parts out of a 4-speed that sounds like it has straight-cut gears would go well with this clutch ; )

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I don't know that there's nothing wrong with it.  You might try making a few hard pulls with it and see if the pucks will bed in and behave differently.   

I had a clutch that chattered when it got hot.  It was terrible, had to change it.  But it was fine when it was cool.  

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