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Nissan SWAG Box


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I had an unexpected FedEx delivery today and when I looked at the sender's address I saw that it came from Nissan in Franklin TN. Getting it open I found a cool assortment of Nissan promotional items from the Nissan Social Media Team. I connected with them last year at the time of my 50th anniversary with the car and they in turn hooked me up with the Proto Z event in Dallas.

The SWAG assortment included a long-sleeve T, HotWheels Proto Z, NISMO sunglasses, uncirculated collector cards, Chris Forsberg autograph (I'm not sure I get drifting!), and an envelope of three Z promo cards.

Cool stuff!!!








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That’s awesome. I really hope that with the marriage to Renault going asunder and some excitement building around the new Z, Nissan can claw its way back to relevance. Showing appreciation to loyal customers is another step in the right direction.

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On 4/13/2022 at 11:40 AM, dutchzcarguy said:

Just DON'T wear this shirt in the Ukraine.. at the moment.. :finger:

Now the Ukrainian defence start to use another Z like sign... 🙄  I have taken all my Z signs from my cars when the russians used the sign.. (No.. just kidding, i already took them of years ago, they are in my parts-cupboard. I let people guess what brand of cars they are.)  :ph34r:


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6 hours ago, dutchzcarguy said:

About the typo.. i would spell BumperS.. not bumper as it has 2 of them? 😉 

I tend to agree with you about the bumpers but that is not the typo. Check out the engine spec, look closely. The error is on every card for a car with an L-series engine.

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