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Looking for new body wiring harness 280Z


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I am restoring my 280Z and swapping to a RB25 DET. The motor will be run by a Haltec ECU with all wiring required to make the engine run. What I am looking for is a wiring harness for all the other electrical requirements (lights, flashers, horns, dome lights, tails lights...anyway you get the point). Are there suppliers that are manufacturing/selling the specific (non-universal Datsun fits all but fits nothing!) wiring harness?



original wiring harness.jpg

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The short answer is, "No."

The longer answer:

How much have your researched the electrical wiring in the 280Z? The harness has 3 main sub-harnesses: engine, dash, and body. Here are some of the changes over the years that come to mind. This list is not all encompassing. (This sounds like a good group project.) It would take a lot of effort to do this for a VERY small market.

  1. The 75 wiring harness used the 260Z harness as a starting point, removing some of the wiring needed for the carburetors and adding the wiring for the licensed version of the Bosch L-tronic fuel injection. There is also an extra fusible link for the EFI that is not in the 260Z harness, and they deleted the PITA seatbelt interlock relay, though it's still shown in the wiring diagram.
  2. The 76 added more fusible links and dropped the ammeter in favor of a voltmeter.
  3. The 77 changed the connectors for the interconnections between the sub-harnesses from Yazaki to AMP. (Did I get that right @Captain Obvious?) A relay block was added over by the battery.
  4. The 78 changed from having an external voltage regulator to one integrated into the alternator. The ignition deleted the ballast resistor. The EFI and Fuel Pump relays changed.

While a lot of modern cars will have a wiring harness that accommodates all sorts of options, Nissan did not do that with the early Z. There are 12 part numbers in the parts catalog for just the engine harness. If you look through the parts manual you will see variations like

  1. Federal (49-state) manual
  2. Federal auto
  3. California manual
  4. California auto

This isn't meant to discourage you. It's just to let you know that you're going to need to be creative with your project.

Good luck.

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Hi SteveJ

This is my first post on a Forum ever and now I can see why people are joining forum such as this one. Thanks for the value you are bringing to my project. I am not discourage, I have build many other cars but I want this one to be world class so I will need all the help I can get.

I am including a few picks of where I am with the car.

Thanks again







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OK... You got my attention.  Nice pics!  LOL

So your car is a 75 or 76, right? Someone who really knows what they're looking at would probably be able to nail the year just from the pics you posted, but that's not me.

Couple thoughts on your original question... First, the EFI system is wired pretty much independent from the rest of the car. There is one sub-harness that does nothing but EFI and the rest of the car will pretty much function normal whether that harness is installed or not. So I'm thinking the work has been done for you already. Just put the stock stuff back with the exception of the EFI sub-harness.

Second thought is if you're looking to strip stuff off the car (I see you've removed the mounts for the CARB can and the A/C controls) and you want to get that stuff out of the wiring harnesses also, maybe you could just open up the originals and take out what you don't want and then re-wrap?

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Thanks Captain Obvious


My car is a 75 and as you can see I am building a Restomod with a RB25 DET engine out of a Nissan GTR. The purist will cringe but I feel that the level of build I want to do did justify for more HP and updated technology so the L28 is out. What you are proposing is the approach I am considering. I will keep all that is not engine related since the new wiring harness that comes with the new engine will take care of that side. I will need to source out the right wiring diagram for the '75. Any idea where I can get my hands on that?


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On 1/16/2022 at 5:16 PM, Restomod280z said:

What I am looking for is a wiring harness for all the other electrical requirements

Hi Bruno, Nice build..  Maybe i can help.. i got a 1974-1978 Datsun 260z complete wiringharness in very good condition! 

(Before someone begins/starts.. YES Overhere (Netherlands)  there was a 260z in 1974,75,76,77,78!!! We had no 280z.. it was never imported to europe.)

Only trouble is that the (Dumb A**e) guy that dismantled the car did cut the harness there were it go's through the firewall!   As you need just parts of it it could be ideal for you as one could easely take the right cables out of the bundle and make a little weld..

Were are you located? Netherlands NB says to me noord brabant haha or is it france as google (also) mentioned/says??

About the cables, it's a complete set for a s30 and all specific (!) connectors are there! ( i will inspect them that they are perfect before i sell anything.. ofcourse..)

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Hi and thanks for your proposed solution. However, I do have the original harness for the car so this bit I have. My problem is I have to split and take out all the non-necessary wiring out of my harness and re-wrap. This is probably my only option...I was wishfully thinking that some manufacturer would ahve the proper harness designed for a RB25 DET swap for the Z but I was being wishful or Naive.


Thanks for your interest in the project. 


I am in New-Brunswick Canada (east coast) and one of my sales person for my company is Dutch (Go Verstappen !)



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28 minutes ago, Restomod280z said:

.I was wishfully thinking

Yes you were hihihi...

30 minutes ago, Restomod280z said:

I do have the original harness for the car

Yeah, but often the harness is in bad or very bad condition after all those years.. (The harness i'm talking about has been in a dutch car for 15 years (about) and is in a box for over 25 years.. I like to keep it for the numerous connectors that are in there. Often very specific ones not found on the market easely.) 

Later on i googled Dieppe again..  and yeah.. i now got Canada also!  (It looked like it was in the netherlands and in France..)

Keep us posted with some pics of your progress!

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