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Happy Thanksgiving !

One Way

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Despite the rough last year and a half or almost two now we have all been through, we can always give thanks to the LORD for HE is good even when we are not or when circumstances are not the best. Happy Thanksgiving from ONEWAY-John-Lugoff, SC.
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If HE is so good.. why does'nt HE do something about it?  

We all know it's just NATURE saying.. there are to many people, let's thin them out a bit.. :ph34r:


(I Really should not post this on a site for car enthausiasts.... if ANYONE can read this.. i decided to post it anyway...oeps! 🙊   ....   😮 )


Happy thanksgiving, (whatever that is)  many countries, many customs..

(Don't start about religions or i will send you to a you tube video of Ricky Gervais! 😮 )

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Happy Thanksgiving back to you!  Hope everyone reading this has a great day and enjoys time with family and friends.  

@dutchzcarguy I think the holiday is more about being thankful and yes, today is the US holiday.  Although it's based on American history, other countries have similar days for giving thanks.

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In Japan they go out and get Kentucky Fried Chicken to celebrate American Thanksgiving.

A wonderful people with perhaps the most excellent way to meld American culture into their own. Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate it.

It's just an excuse for us to eat and complain about our families haha.

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