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  1. I was emailing someone at klassicfab and he said everything is 20% off today. Use this coupon code: KFBLACKFRIDAY ‘72 240z Kilimanjaro white vin 473XX
  2. Yes, Happy Thanksgiving to all. I’m full and headed out to the shop to work on the 240….. ‘72 240z Kilimanjaro white vin 473XX
  3. Great looking lift. Lots more access than the one I’m getting but I can’t pass up the price. Thanks for sharing. ‘72 240z Kilimanjaro white vin 473XX
  4. Thank you. I am picking it up tomorrow morning. I think it may be the HF brand but not sure. Looks like there are 2-3 mfgrs that are alike. It was used in a professional shop so I feel good about the safety aspect. I will also figure out a couple of different heights I like and make some jack legs for backup. ‘72 240z Kilimanjaro white vin 473XX
  5. Good to know. I definitely don’t want to be in paint jail. I will work on lining that out first and maybe they can get me on the schedule. Any opinion on the scissor lift? I probably need to make a decision tomorrow before he offers it to someone else. ‘72 240z Kilimanjaro white vin 473XX
  6. Great point on harness identification. No paint lined up yet. I’m going to talk to one hopefully tomorrow. I have a friend that is an insurance adjuster that I want to get some referrals from. Maybe I should slow down a little to line that up. Thanks! ‘72 240z Kilimanjaro white vin 473XX
  7. Excellent advice on bagging and tagging. I already bought a bunch of ziplocks and index cards. Will follow your suggestion on string tags for wiring and pick up more totes. I hope to start the disassembly this weekend. Lift question: I’m looking for a used lift and found a guy that retired his auto mechanic shop and now just does inspections. He has a 6k lb scissor lift that he will sell me for $400. Seems there are pros and cons to all lifts whether 4post, 2 post, scissor etc. would getting that scissor lift allow me to do most work I need to do? I hear the aren’t good for transmission and exhaust, but if they are good for suspension and most other stuff, $400 seems like a bargain. ‘72 240z Kilimanjaro white vin 473XX
  8. Wow, Thank you all for the replies. Yes, the car was repainted (terribly) at some point. Not a big deal to me because I knew whatever we bought was probably getting a paint job. I was hoping the seats were original and something rare. Interesting about a possible dealer add in AZ. Would like to explore that. The fabric is in excellent condition and comfortable. But, it has a lot of sun fading. Was thinking about getting it re-dyed. I will probably turn a new shift knob on my lathe and see what I end up with. Does anyone know what species of wood was original? Great information on the ac and mods. Maybe I shouldn’t worry too much as long as I stay close but make it reversible…. Yes, I have the vertical defrost on the hatch. I heard that is harder to find. Other ‘72’s I’ve seen were horizontal. Maybe since mine was built 9/71 they hadn’t switched yet. Every piece of glass is original and chip/crack free. Yesterday was its last day on the road until we are finished with the project. Had to get it inspected so I could do the title work. We sandford and son’ed it up to the station and passed! . So now the real work begins. Since it is going to get a total paint job back to its original, my understanding is everything comes off and is just a roller when I bring it to a shop. I feel good about most of it but I’m pretty Intimidated about the dash and wiring. Is Removing everything for body and paint where I should start? Here’s a few pictures. ‘72 240z Kilimanjaro white vin 473XX
  9. Here are a couple of pics Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Hello, I’m new here and have been looking at a lot of different Z communities to figure out where I belong. I joined here mainly because of the way I’ve seen questions answered by experienced members to the non-experienced (like myself). Helpful and not condescending like I saw on another forum. A little background on me: My son has always loved classics and I took him to a classic car show earlier this year. He was hooked and wanted to do a project. So the username “Dadson”. Thought that was a fun descriptive play on Datsun. We looked at a lot of American muscle but I kept gravitating back to the early z cars. Fast forward 9 months and here we are. We bought a 72 240z out of Az and had it shipped to Tx. It was built 9/71 and is matching numbers. Some rust in usual places but is mostly original. I’m a woodworker and fixer of everything but I’m not a mechanic. So, I’m going to need some advice and “how to” on things I can’t figure out. A couple of questions to get started: 1. My interior is red and the seats are like a velour type fabric. I haven’t seen any pictures of fabric seats on other z’s. Was wondering if this was a certain package that was offered. 2. My shift knob isn’t wood like most. It is definitely old so, was wondering if it could be part of a different package. It looks like it is made from the same material as a pool ball. It isn’t a ball, it is shaped like a wooden one but clearly a different material. 3. Restomod - I am going to have to do at least 1 mod and that is an AC. From a value perspective, how concerned should I be by making some mods like AC etc. I think I really want to keep it as close to original as possible but I have to have AC in Tx. Trey Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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