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My 72 240z has window decals on each of the side quarter windows. On the passenger side is the BRE Datsun 240Z champion decal, which I am familiar with.

On C6865339-EF3B-4BD9-84C8-284E8B28428B.jpegthe driver side is a decal pictured in the attachment. Does anybody have any information about this decal and what it represents.

just trying to,decide,if it stays or goes. If something Z or Datsun related from back in the day, I would probably leave it.



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1 hour ago, VaCat33 said:

That was my thought as well, but it appears to me that some letters/words are present. What all that could possibly do with Datsuns…I have no idea. Hence my question.

Probably nothing to do with Datsuns.  However, a previous owner may have had a shaved head and given out daisies at the airport back in the day 😉

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If you have an Android phone, download the Google Lens app and take a picture of the decal.  The app will then show you several similar designs as well as the one you have.  I found the same decal in red listed as available at the website buyer.jp if you need a spare.

Technology and boredom on a hot day have no bounds.😎

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4 hours ago, Mike said:

Yeah looks to me like something from India..  maybe a blessing for the car?  Who knows


Maybe a parking permit sticker for someone who makes sandwiches at a New Delhi deli?  😎

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