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  1. That is good scoop. I do not have ready access to a blaster…how about a Tumbler? Will that work? The VHT paint is a good fall back…in stock at my local Autozone. Thanks Jim
  2. Hello i am looking to buy a Nikki fuel pump for my 1972 240z. Part No 271070 (as seen on pump housing.) See photo. Just about any condition is acceptable. My rebuild, as discussed in my previous post, was going great. Prior to final assembly I decided to give it a good degreasing. The degreasing bath I used was much to harsh and destroyed the finish. So back to the drawing board. Now instead of the nice aluminum finish, the housing is a dull dark grey…a costly mistake. Thanks. Jim
  3. Just a brief update on the rebuild. In the original article on how to rebuild your Nikki fuel pump it discusses how to replace the rubber oil seal in the lower pump housing. As you can see in the photo, The seal went into the opening in the lower housing and was secured by a retaining ring which snapped into the opening. the rebuild kit form JDM uses a new design. The oil seal fits snuggly over the opening in the lower housing and then is secured by a retaining ring which is held in place by the pump spring. Jim
  4. Hello Again, I thought I would let everybody know That JDM parts has a rebuild kit for the Nikki 271070 fuel pump. At $125 it is not cheap. I confirmed with the company that the kit will work on all Nikki 271070 fuel pumps, regardless of the car model (as indicated in the article in the post above the 271070 pump was used in several different Datsun models.) Here is a link to the rebuild kit. https://jdm-car-parts.com/products/nikki-fuel-pump-rebuilt-kit-for-prince-ha30-fairlady-s30-skyline-gc10-with-l20-l24-engine?variant=39616128811117 Happy Holidays Jim
  5. AZ thanks. I did see this article. I am reluctant to use 50 year old rubber parts, even if from NOS unit. I was really hoping somebody out there was making a current rebuild kit. If not, I might have to consider your option. Jim
  6. Hello Are rebuild kits still available for rebuilding OEM Nikki fuel pump…or are any vendors out there doing this? I searched the old threads but they are all pretty dated. Thought I would try to get some fresh input. Thanks Jim
  7. I would definitely like to see a “survivor” class in the Z world. You do not need to reinvent the wheel. The AACA rules and scoring system provide an excellent starting point. From their you can make it as strict or lenient as you wish. I am also Involved in the Sunbeam Tiger world and we just created such a class for our annual gathering. For years nice original cars could not compete with the restored cars because condition was a significant part of the judging. it reached a point where owners of such cars would not enter them in the concours. I would suggest making the name of the class something along the lines of “Preservation Class” AACA calls it Historical Preservation of Original Features Class (HPOF). In the Sunbeam world we call it the Rootes Preservation Class (Rootes was the parent company that made Sunbeams.) Regardless of name, the Z world definitely needs such a class. Jim
  8. Yes, as far as I know the paint is near all original except for the left front fender up near the headlight bucket that needed repaint after a small fender bender back in the 80s. Also had to do a little rust repair on the right dogleg 5-6 years back. I am not the original owner, but I cannot see any evidence that this is not true. Jim
  9. Hello i am just back from the AACA Eastern Fall Meet at Hershey, PA. I entered my Z in the Historical Preservation Original Features class. In that class you are judged against a standard of originality. Anything restored or incorrect aftermarket gets a deduction. Used, NOS and OEM replacement parts are allowed. Owners are asked to disclose anything they know has been restored or modified. You are allowed up to seven deductions. Under that and you qualify for a HPOF award. My car is pretty much original but has had two minor body repairs/paint and the fuel line in not totally correct (correct routing but a new piece near the filter has been replaced using a Union. Not sure what the judges found (they do not tell you on the field.) I did not attend the awards ceremony that evening but I heard My car did get an HPOF award. it was a huge event…at least 500 cars on the showfield. From what I could see, Mine was the only Z, so it got lots of attention. Jim
  10. That was my thought as well, but it appears to me that some letters/words are present. What all that could possibly do with Datsuns…I have no idea. Hence my question.
  11. Hello My 72 240z has window decals on each of the side quarter windows. On the passenger side is the BRE Datsun 240Z champion decal, which I am familiar with. On the driver side is a decal pictured in the attachment. Does anybody have any information about this decal and what it represents. just trying to,decide,if it stays or goes. If something Z or Datsun related from back in the day, I would probably leave it. Thanks Jim
  12. Still seeking a pair of used front bumper Overriders (Bumperettes) for a 1972 Z. Good condition or better…no rust. Thanks, Jim
  13. I am still in need of a set of FRONT bumperettes for a 72. The ones I just purchased turned out to be rear. I am a newbie at this, but my fault for not seeking more expert guidance. In any case, if you have a set in good used condition please let me know. Thanks Jim
  14. Hello Was the Yazaki brand also used for the 1972 model year? Any chance you could make up a set for 1972? I definitely would be interested. Thanks Jim
  15. Hello Offered for sale are a pair of used front bumper Overriders (Bumperettes.) Chrome and rubber are in excellent condition. I bought these by accident for my 72 and simply trying to recoup what I spent. Price is $175.00 Shipping included. Send me a personal message if interested. Thanks Jim
  16. Hello i am renewing this thread because I am still searching for a pair of used or NOS front bumper Overriders (bumperettes) for a 1972 240z. I thought I had scored a pair, but it turned out they were the later style for a 73. My bad…they looked right in the photos. I have attached a photo of the later style bumperettes compared to the 70-72 bumperettes. The early ones are smaller most notably the width of the section shown with the arrows. Thanks
  17. Just made a deal for front and rear bumperettes in excellent condition. Thanks Jim
  18. Thanks. I have been looking at the single items, but have held off in hopes of scoring a pair. I do not want refinished or restored bumperettes because they would look out of place against the weathered bumpers. I might go that route someday, but right now they need to be unrestored. Jim
  19. One week…no responses. Thought I would give it one more try. Thanks.
  20. To clarify, I am looking for the chrome “bumperettes,” front and rear. Thanks
  21. Hello Still looking for a few parts. This time I am looking for used front and rear overriders for my early 72 Z. The ones on my car have been missing for many years, but were there long enough that you can still see the outlines on the bumper. Mostly any condition is acceptable…but no rusted ones. They will go on the car as is…only a little cleaning up…so as to match the original bumpers. As always, Thanks. Jim
  22. Carl Top of handle broke off just above the top of the metal lever. I repaired using plastic epoxy. Looks OK, not great, but not sure how strong. Hence my search for replacement. Think I found what I need. Thanks. Jim
  23. 26 Thanks, but not correct for 72. Jim
  24. Before the DEA sweeps down on me…that is a CHOKE lever handle I am looking for.
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