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Parts Wanted: Need Series 1 Front Fender Supports


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Need Series 1 Front Fender Supports

Looking for both left and right front fender supports for series 1 240z.  Number 26 in the picture.  On the early cars 2 bolts attach this, the later cars, it was welded in.

Fair price paid...


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Those are called mudguards by Nissan i think..  i once bought those new in the 90's for a 240z.. must have them somewhere on the attic..  

Hihi.. found the bill from them!  63830-E4100 RH  and 63831-E4100 LH.    costing 26,38 and 28,62  in old dutch florins  (also Guilders or as we say Gulden.)

(Btw.. not selling these.. might need them for my 240z resto.. sorry.. 😕)


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Hey Jim,

Here's a pic of the mud guards getting reinstalled on my car, note three screws per side. The online parts catalog says this part is the same for all 240Z's and I have buddies working on '72's that are attached the same way. I think the parts from any 240Z will work for your project.




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