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Pilot bushing troubles


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I tried to install a pilot bushing into an l24, but the bushing was too big to fit. From what I’ve found, the l26 and l24 use the same pilot bushing, but the bushing that came with my clutch kit doesn’t fit my l24, but does appear to fit my l26 (the l26 still has the pilot bushing in it, but the new one appears to be the same size.) 

If someone can tell me what’s wrong with this picture, I’d very much appreciate that! I’d like to drive my Z again!

I measured the pilot bushing and the end of the l24 crankshaft Incase it helps. 
Crankshaft id .783 inches 

Bushing od .813 inches 

Im pretty confident that there isn’t already a bushing in the end of the crank shaft, at least not one that looks like the bronze/brass replacement that I have. I’ll add a couple photos incase that helps also, maybe there is a bushing in there and I’m stupid. 



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IIRC All the pilot bearings are the same for any l-series motor (it was also used on other motors too) I think you have something mated to the back end of the crank, it might need to be removed in the same manor as a pilot bearing if it is installed within the pilot bearing hole. My preferred way to remove pilot bearings is to pack it with grease, then push the grease out using a solid rod of steel and a hammer. You really have to put pressure on the grease to get it to push out the bearing.


Screen Shot 2021-05-26 at 11.35.36 PM.png


See these layers before the threads?


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i don’t know for sure but I think the l24 might’ve come from an automatic car. There’s a hardline running along the drivers side of the engine that isn’t actually running to or from the engine. Looks like it could be a transmission cooler line for an automatic. Not sure if Zs had transmission coolers or not.

Ill see if that piece on the end of the crankshaft will come off, tomorrow.  

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Doesn’t appear there was ever a pilot bushing there. Work that hub off of there and install your bushing. Careful not to drive the bushing in too far. I made that mistake and had to remove it and reinstall another one. The FSM shows you the proper depth. Same with the rear main seal. 

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