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Search for an "Original" 240Z Resonator


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I am knee deep in the middle of restoring my '71 Z and on a hunt for the center resonator for the stock exhaust system. As of now I have the JDM Car Parts downpipe and repop of the original muffler, but its the bits in between that I cannot find. 

Has anyone came across a close alternative to the Nichira resonator? I have looked across the internet for one that's close but they are either too wide or too long to fit in the trans tunnel. I have one with me that measures roughly 6" wide and 12" long on the canister. It's not useable unfortunately.  

The best packaging resonator I have found available is one that is round in canister shape, opposed to the oval shaped Nichira one. 

Here's what I'm after (pics taken from other CZC members): 

240Z EXHAUST 2.jpg

240Z EXHAUST.jpg

And here's the best packaging resonator I could find: 


Here's the car I am after the resonator for. Thanks 



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Hi, I see you have already my pic of the mid part of the exhaust!  Your resto deserves a part like the one on my old garden table haha.. It went to @Zup maybe he knows a copy or can give measurements of it..

I just had one of those for many years on the attic and never used it. At the moment i have a aftermarket 260z exhaust under my 240z, it has a bigger diameter pipe, and it's a little bit louder.

I like your work very much, well done!  Hope you find something you can use for this perfect resto!

Diameter original (exit side to end muffler.)



The part Nr: 200050-N3000


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I have searched far and wide across the internet for a resonator of the right size. Reached out to Banzai in hopes that Mike has something hidden away. I did come across one I think would be a good fit, from our friends down under 


Measures 5" x 3" in cross section, 12" long, sized for 1.75" pipe. If I can get them to ship it to the US I may be in luck!

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I don't know how real this site might be, I've never seen them before.  But the part number came up.  Not sure if "A tube center" is the same thing.



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So I took a chance and bought the Australian based muffler. Turns out it’s a pretty close alternative to the “factory” style one. 

Side by side with the exhaust that came off this Z. I don’t think this was a true original piece, looks like someone spliced it in some time ago. Either way it’ll have the look I’m going for. 


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