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Headlight covers: details of design

Jeff Berk

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I'm in the middle of some repairs on my 260z and am already looking towards the next challenge. 

I'm trying to understand how the lens cover frames are constructed or better, how to reproduce them. I'm assuming that they are stamped and then stamped a second time to form the curves and finally chromed.

Can someone sketch for me the cross section through the frame or a good photograph of the back side of the frame to show the detail of its shape. I have some ideas on how to reproduce a pair without having to resort to having a mold made and using a stamping press that I'd like to explore. 

If I can figure this out, I'll publish the methodology but I do not plan on selling these.

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47 minutes ago, Patcon said:

Didn't we have a topic a couple of years ago of somebody wanting to repop these?

There's a HUGE thread on the topic that details the differences in lenses and mounting rings.  It also shows mounting hardware.  I've been on this forum for about 15 years and have seen countless folks start the repro headlight cover manufacturing process.  However, none ever reported back that they had succeeded. 


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I looked up one of the old threads and saw where someone was planning on manufacturing these and gave up. That's why my plan is not as ambitious.  

From the photographs, it looks like the cross section is similar to what I have attached and the width is 3/4-inch. I'm assuming one leg is shorter than the other to accommodate a rubber gasket that would hold the cover in place.  

cross section.jpg

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