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Acceptable Antenna Replacement


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Hello...I have a 1973 240-Z that needs an antenna to fill the hole where the original one once was. I would love an original, but I am not willing to spend the kind of money that I see them for on Ebay, etc. Does anyone have a suggestion for a respectable alternative...? I really don't care if it works...it could even be completely manual. I just want it to look good and retract fully. Thanks for your help...Ryals in north GA.

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If it is limited to a broken mast but the lower unit is working, you can fit a replacement non-OE mast. I had that situation when I needed a working unit for bench testing a radio. I picked up a replacement mast with the correct base dia. on ebay. The mast had a nylon lead that worked perfectly with the OE drive mechanism after I transferred the ferrule to the new lead.

This is the same mast I used:


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Jim...Thanks for the response. I know the original (previous) owner. He told me that when the original antenna went bad, he replaced it with a manually operated unit that then was broken off and subsequently replaced with a coat hanger...which is the way I got the car from him. I hate to "go cheap" on this item, but the budget has already been blown 4 times my original notion. That being said, and knowing I will never turn the original radio on, I am up for anything respectable...Ryals

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5 hours ago, sfm6s524 said:

A few months ago I installed a Retro PA-01 antenna in my 73, works great.  You'll need to connect leads to an always on power, and accessory power to automate.


At $55, this looks like a practical alternative to rebuilding your OE Harada (finicky work that may generate indifferent results if the internal plastic bits and the mast tubes aren't in A-1 condition).

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