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Hardly any throttle response 77 EFI automatic


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Hi Guys,

I desperately need some help. The car is 77 280z Auto. The car cranks up and starts as well. It was sitting for 7-8 years. Néw oil in engine / trans.

Now after it cranks up there is no throttle response. You can floor the paddle and it does not rev up.

where to start with? Should I clean the fuel system since the car has been sitting? We put new fuel filter, injectors are new standard from rock  auto.

I am not sure about AFM or any other air intake stuff.

please guide where to begin with on this throttle response issue. 





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The sweeper vane on the afm behind that black square cover could be stuck. Try banging that a few times. You may have to pull the cover off to move it.

Check the airbox too. Might have a nest obstruction in there. 

While it's idling squeeze the fuel line on top of the metal fuel filter behind the radiator. It should very hard to pinch together.

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Is the AFM even connected?  The connection is underneath..It might need to be cleaned with DEOXIT,  not WD-40.  Make sure the throttle linkage is connected and functioning as well.  You can operate the throttle by hand.

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Absolutely no change in engine response when you move the gas pedal is 90% pedal not connected to throttle body, or 10% virtually no fuel pressure. OR 0.005% it’s only running on one cylinder so no amount of extra air makes any difference in how the engine runs.

You have lots of diagnosis, cleaning, testing and learning ahead of you. 


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