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Missing Parts

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I took my car apart to paint it and have it mostly back together. I have a couple of parts and can't for the life of me figure out where they go. I think it's somewhere near the front fenders but not entirely sure. Could someone point me in the right direction (see attached). Thanks!



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I scratched my head and finally at least have a clue why I can’t figure out what this. That fender badge says 280zx, so most here (including me) aren’t up on all the little hidden plastic body and fender bits and pieces.  Does remind me of a mud flap like thingy

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Kind of looks like they would go under the rear part of the headlight scoop. "Mudguard front - mask"

63872-P7100 & 63873-P7100 Any part numbers cast into them. 


I have a screen shot for you but the site is telling me my pic's "can not be save contact us for assistance" @Mike ?

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I can still put the link in though, just not a picture
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33 minutes ago, siteunseen said:

Edit: Welp no upload for me. I'll try later


6 minutes ago, rogerwilcos said:

Nevermind....I can't upload either!

Well at least it is not just me, Thought I was being banned for some reason. @Mike ?????? Help!?!

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