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  1. Thanks all. I think you are right. I may need to take the wheel off and see if I can attach it. I can see daylight up there when I look at the attached picture. Nevermind....I can't upload either!
  2. I took my car apart to paint it and have it mostly back together. I have a couple of parts and can't for the life of me figure out where they go. I think it's somewhere near the front fenders but not entirely sure. Could someone point me in the right direction (see attached). Thanks!
  3. @S30Grit - When you took the CSV out, did you have to do anything special? I was looking in the Chilton manual and it said you might have to jump some electrical connections to get it to depressurize? I just don't want to take it off and have fuel spurting everywhere! ?
  4. I am hoping someone who has done this can save me some trouble. My climate control is having the issue where the blower only turns on when in the defrost position and cold air shoots out the floor vents. No heat. I have found several posts saying that this is more than likely one of the two main vacuum lines that runs through the firewall up to the AC vacuum tank. In the engine compartment the lines look fine to the naked eye. What I don't know is how they look inside the cab. I have the dash fully removed, but I can't see how they come through the firewall. Is it literally just a long vacuum hose that runs through the firewall, or is there a plug on the other side to connect in to? I am afraid I will have to remove the heater core and AC unit to get to it which looks like quite the undertaking. Thanks for the help!
  5. I have an 1983 280ZX. For a while it has been sporadic on starting. It will crank for a while and eventually start, but sometimes it takes a while. I have noticed the smell of fuel as well. I don't see any leak at the fuel pump and the fuel pressure regulator does not have fuel coming through the vacuum line either. The injectors don't seem to be leaking. This weekend while I was working on a separate issue I finally think I found the source of the leak - but I am not sure what the part is. Can someone take a look at the pictures and let me know what this is?
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