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2019 ZCCA Branson


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I was fortunate to be part of a Scarab caravan towing two friend's cars to Branson, one Scarab from San Diego and the other from Payson, Arizona. I also own a Scarab, currently undergoing restoration. Carl, not sure if your question was how many cars were at ZCON or how many cars were built by Morrow at Scarab Engineering. Records do not exist documenting how many cars were built, but averaging the accounts of those I interviewed it appears the number built was right around 30. Of course many more kits were sold to home mechanics, but those cars are distinguishable from the "shop-built cars" as the kits did not include some of the shop-built components. The book sold for $30 at ZCON. I'm hoping to be able to offer them for $35 including mailing. The book is 104 pages and contains over 90 full color photos and illustrations.

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3 hours ago, Randalla said:

Thought I'd post just a few photos, including the dozen Scarabs in attendance, the largest gathering in history. There were never more than six cars at Scarab Engineering when they were in business. This was special as we reunited Brian Morrow with the very first Scarab he ever produced in late 1973. Brian was unaware the car still existed and after 43 years he saw it for the first time. It's owner had it for 34 of those years and kept it in outstanding condition. Scarabs took four top awards at the 2019 ZCON. I debuted the Scarab book I have been working on for well over two years, after finding and interviewing all the original players. The book is titled, "Resurrecting The Legend - The real Datsun Scarab Story." For those interested in a copy, they will be available for sale on eBay early next week. I have a limited number of copies left. Enjoy!     








Hi. Can I just buy a copy of the book direct from you?

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Here's a little teaser for the book (front and back covers). Looks now like I should be able to begin shipping this weekend for those who expressed interest. 







1_Scarab_book layout.jpg

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Received my bubble envelopes today and verified $5 shipping to all states except Alaska and Hawaii. For those interested in a copy, please PayPal me $35 per book along with your address. I will get your books out within 24 hours. Thanks for your interest. My PayPal/email address is parallax.randy.lewis@gmail.com

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