weak spark some backfire

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    I finally found the source of my miss and sometimes backfire thru AFM.

    With all the things I had done I didn't look at the spark at the plugs. So...... I removed the spark wire at each plug, plugged in a spare spark plug and started the motor.  Each plug was firing, but VERY weak. To cut to the chase the ignition coil was the problem. Let me rephrase that....I was the problem.  I remove and replaced the coil many years ago for whatever reason. The Primary side coil resistance  is supposed to be 0.40---0.55 ohms, per service manual for the 75. The Fire  ball I put in there many years ago was 1.6 ohms. This might not seem to be a big change , but when I replace the coil with a "Flame-thrower -2" what a difference.

    The new coil has a primary resistance of 0.6 ohms , but try and find a coil today which is 0.4 ohms is not possible.  I know I have my OEM coil , but at the moment I can't locate it .BTW this new coil is used with the OEM ballast resistor.

    This is a good day!!!


    PS : I should give credit to a u-tube guy with a site called "Restoration for beginners". He seems to have good understanding of basic mechanics

    and after watching his segment on ignition systems, which covered coil replacement, he ran into the same problem with selecting coils. Oh yea his

    car is  a 78 280z. 

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    addditional info
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    On ‎6‎/‎13‎/‎2019 at 8:54 PM, zclocks said:

    What I am going to do is remove and clean all connections on the distributor, transistor ignition unit, and  injectors.

    Good to hear you found the problem.. only thing i wanted to ad is clean your injectors with injectorcleaner.. you put it in the tank with some new gas and just let it run. most times these old injectors don't give the same amount of fuel each time they fire..  it's just an extra.. maybe it will run even better after a good clean.

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