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what jets to run on a 3.1 stroker with 45 webers?

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i have rebuilt 3.1 stroker motor with brand new 45 webers. My question is what jets should i use to get the car to run good enough to take it to someone who can tune the carbs. the carbs are synced and the car runs and idles great. the car is driveable but between 1-3k it is sluggish im wondering if maybe the jets need to be changed.  The 45 webers have stock jets in them. 



f54 flat top pistons 89mm

n42 head with big valves and race port

540/290 cam

zstory full exhaust system

using a stock distributor w petronix

ATI damper

im located in ventura county CA


any help would be great


thanks alot

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What size are the chokes?  34-35mm would be great for street.

How many progression holes?


This works for  2.8l, you may need more fuel at wot.

65F9 idle jets

Set fuel level ~28mm

For mains a 165 jet with 160 air may get you going. E-tube (other than F2) will not make a big difference.


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