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Terrapin Z

'70 near Portland # HLS3003543

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On 1/7/2019 at 7:07 AM, CanTechZ said:

Seems strange that it has a 90 psi oil pressure a gauge, it would have originally had a 140 psi gauge, unless it was changed. That seems unlikely for a car with 50K miles.

It's definitely a later gauge fitted. Later ones have a slightly different style and earlier ones have the extra delimiter in the middle.

Bad photo (from HS30 00150). Reverse layout as it's RHD or correct hand drive. 🙂

Screen Shot 2019-01-12 at 12.02.24 AM.png

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29 minutes ago, Zed Head said:

The 3543 auction ended at $19,200

The winning bidder only placed on bid. I often wonder sometimes if the scammers bid on their own cars if the bid price isn't high enough.

They win the car back, pay themselves to complete the eBAY transaction, then sell the car again under a new user name.

Lot of tricks to scamming people out of their dollars. 

Maybe.......maybe not. When the ad's are questionable like this one, and the voice responses from the calls are sketchy too. Makes me wonder. JMO


33 minutes ago, Zed Head said:

Didn't realize there so many Z's in eBays' Z series category.  Didn't even know they had a Z series. 

I just search for Datsun, you never know what category people list their cars and parts under. 


@197TZ patients pays off, you'll find the car thats right for you.  Of course, feel free to check in here for good advise and insight. Collectively we have seen and bought a lot of cars. 

I found mine on Craigslist, but had look for about 8 months to find the one that I was comfortable with and could afford.

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I really do appreciate everyone's advice. I'll try not to post everything I see :-). And I'll work on the patience part (never been a strong suit of mine). I've got my boss ... er ... wife to tolerate me spending "less than a Tesla" on the Z car of my dreams, and I even have space (or will) in the garage for it. Now I just need to not rush into it.

Now, if anyone knows of a Series 1 240Z in dark green with butterscotch interior, manual transmission and something less than a quarter of a million miles .... 







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Oh, that dog just ain't gonna hunt!  You are not going to find a series one with " something less than a quarter million miles". 

Or, you're going to pay dearly for a restored example.  I have been wondering what all the obsession over mileage is all about.  Yea, the dealer's a schmuck.  So what!  You can't just take someone's word and buy a car from the pictures. 

Well, you can; just look at how I bought 27th.  As Beck put it; "How much worse could it be?" 

I would encourage looking at the car and dealing with the dealer.  Point out all the non-original pieces and get him off his 'all original' spiel.  We could make a list of all the stuff that is a replacement and not "correct".  And the serial # is not that low.  Hell, you know a guy who has 26 and 27!  If it turns out to be a good running, soild car, it's probably worth the $20 grand.  Offer cash and be prepared to turn and walk.

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