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  1. I really do appreciate everyone's advice. I'll try not to post everything I see :-). And I'll work on the patience part (never been a strong suit of mine). I've got my boss ... er ... wife to tolerate me spending "less than a Tesla" on the Z car of my dreams, and I even have space (or will) in the garage for it. Now I just need to not rush into it. Now, if anyone knows of a Series 1 240Z in dark green with butterscotch interior, manual transmission and something less than a quarter of a million miles ....
  2. So I tried to get more information, both from the seller directly, and through the NY car broker. I shared some of your observations and the information from the other websites, and the broker claims to be shocked. He reached out to the seller and only found out (or was willing to share) that the extra rear end and lower-mileage engine that were offered with the car in a previous ad were not included this time and that he wouldn't go down "much" on the price (listed at $28,800). I told the broker that I still might be interested in the car and asked for the lower price if any, and told him and the seller that I wanted to schedule a local inspection (and that I would fly out to Oregon to do so). I'm now getting no response from either of them. I have a bad feeling about it, so I'm going to pass. Thanks again for everyone's keen eyes and extensive knowledge. Now I just need to see if I want to try for this car instead (opposite end of the spectrum -- one of the last first gen 280s.): https://www.ebay.com/itm/1978-Z-Series/162892033673?hash=item25ed1f2e89:g:0zYAAOSws29b5QUW:rk:44:pf:0&vxp=mtr
  3. 70 photos (although a few dups) of the car on this site: http://www.dp9motorsports.com/detail-1970-datsun-240z-used-18425199.html
  4. I really appreciate this thread. I'm new to the forum, but I've wanted to own a Z since I drove a friend's '75 280z in high school (a huge step-up from my 1977 Honda CVCC :-)). My dream car is a '70 240z with racing green exterior and butterscotch interior. I've been watching this one on eBay and on another dealer/broker site. I've been texting the broker about the car. Vague about the mileage "not sure, thinks the engine was rebuilt". I'm old (and so hopefully at least somewhat wise) and I'm not stupid, but I'm definitely a newbie when it comes to buying a classic car. So thanks for your skepticism! I'm going to be reaching out to the owner directly tomorrow and try to get the truth. If y'all are interested, I'd be happy to post it here. If it isn't too good to be true, and I do end up the happy buyer of this particular vehicle, anyone know how difficult it would be to remove the aftermarket stereo and speakers and return it to stock? Jay in Northern Virginia, USA
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