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hehe fuel pump sh*t the bed tonight


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well i had fun tonight. i pulled into the local sheetz (convenience and gas station) for those that dont know.

well everything was all fine and well with the car till i get done doing what i had to do then i hop in and was ready to go.

well so i thought:ermm:

i start the car, she fires right up then bluh bluh bluh and done. im sitting there thinking ok what just happened:cross-eye then i notice i dont hear the fuel pump running, great!!:mad:

so i hop out, this is like the local young person hangout in town too, i have the hood up and everyones looking, i get under the car to check the connections, all is well, check the relays all is well so im like ok whats going on here:stupid:

pull the power wire to the fuel pump and hook it direct. well there is nothing its dead. so with attitude now that my car is stranded and everyone looking i call my father in law.

he has a laugh at my expense, then comes up with some wire cutters some wire, the fuel pump, and a few other misc. tools.

after a little bit of cussing i plug in the alternate fuel pump right below the fuel filter, turn it on let the rail fill up and off i go.


all it all it was a fairly good ordeal, got a lotta comments on the car, hehe as it was sitting there inoperable.:tapemouth

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ROFL Glad you got her going. I cant remember are you injected or carbed. If carbed. an alternative pump that works vary well is one form a R-X7 as long as the rx was carbed and NOT INJECTED. The injection pump puts out too much pressure for carbs . I found mine on a '79 rx at the bone yard for $15.00.
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the worst thing of all is when i got the thing home and in the garage, what i found out to be the problem was the ground quit grounding.

it was really strange, how this occured, no rust in the original ground area and the original wire was still good. i chalk that up to electrical gremlims at work.

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