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Hey! It's another Z-spaceship


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Yup, that's the Kaminari body kit... still looks like crap even after all these years....:devious:

Why did they have to do that to a 71? Couldn't they have done it to a 280?:stupid: At least there are more 280's to go around than 71's.....:disappoin

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Everybody expresses themselves in different ways. This is a perfect example of an effective expression of:

"I am stupid and I will destroy a perfectly good car to prove that to the world!"

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about my 280ZXT, shame on you all!!!!!!!!!

i have to admit that is absolutely the ugliest 240 i have ever seen, i think i like the one Z i saw on ebay or somewhere recently with the daytona front end and the vette rear, at least that didnt look to bad.

this is well just ****ing ugly:sick: :cross-eye :sick:

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Hi All,

I always appreciate the effort that others have put into building their cars, as I know how draining it can be (both mentally and financially) it is to build a car to good standards, regardless of the brand/model.

I personally don’t' like the car, it reminds me of cosmetic surgery gone badly!

Cuong Nguyen

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That is just plain foul. Thats what happens when people get a tax refund and dont know how to spend it. I can never understand why you would want to alter the appearance of Z. It has very classic lines and looks great from the factory. (except for those old hubcaps). This car looks like an abortion gone wrong!!



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