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windshield install-adhesive, or no?


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Hi all-I am about to try to install a new windshield in my '72 240z(just got a new paint job!), and I have one question. I feel like I've exhausted the forum resources(both here and elsewhere) of tutorials on how to do this, so I think I've got a fairly good read on the job(rope in gasket, gasket on glass, trim in gasket, lubricate, windshield into car) however, I have one question: in all of the posts I came across, I don't ever recall anything about an actual adhesive. I would assume that a silicone sealant would be appropriate, but I don't want to assume anything, as I understand it can be a very challenging job. So, should I do a bead of silicone windshield adhesive around the window frame first, or does the windshield really just live in there by pressure alone? Thanks for the help!

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We reinstall the windshield and hatch glass without sealant.  This is Arizona, not much weather...  If you look through the Factory Service Manuals, the early ones never mention using any type of sealant.  By the time you get to the later 280's, the install procedure points out a few spots to add sealant - not the entire gasket, but in corners IIRC.  I guess by then they saw a few spots where leakage problems may occur with the seal if the installer wasn't as careful as he needed to be.

Sealant is not needed to keep the windshield in place.  The gasket is engineered to seal the glass and hold the windshield firmly in the frame.  The stainless steel trim is not just for "looks"...  It actually helps hold the gasket to the proper shape and keeps the corners from pulling in too far.

My 260Z is my daily driver.  We installed my new windshield 6 years ago without any sealant.  I don't have any problems with water leakage.  If you're concerned, take a look at the 280Z install procedure and see what you think.  

(Use a cotton rope or cord, get it wet before you put it in the channel, better to have two guys outside holding the glass - don't let it slip, at the top corners work the cord in a circular motion to get the gasket corner to pull through)

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