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  1. Thanks for that information, did not have it.
  2. I do not know, will find out soon when I have to go through that stupid bureaucracy drill. There is some sort of consensus that side lamps need to be WHITE and in the US are ORANGE. What difference does it make in the 21st Century ? None if you ask me but they seem very a**l retentive about it. Same with the speedometer that needs to be in Kilometers. I asked the guy what difference will make if I go above the limit of speed with a KMH speedometer or a Miles speedometer, would the fine be different ? The very well paid state employee could not answer. Useless.
  3. This is amazing thanks. I'm pretty sure that it is as close to the 1972 owners manual I guess the only difference is the fuel filler lid on page 24 that on yours is with a key lock and on mine is not. The green one you mentioned must be the one on top of this picture and the one below is the 72 owners manual.
  4. Hi guys hope all is well. I have not forgotten this but I have been busy with the moving and getting back to life in Switzerland. I need to get this running since I want to have those floor mats solved. Stay tuned !
  5. Maybe that is because the windshield was replaced...
  6. Thanks I found one but this guy is asking crazy money for it. I will continue to pray for a PDF version...
  7. Hey Jeff thanks, will send you a PM on Monday, basically I'm waiting on solving the Owners Manual issue to get my Swiss plates.
  8. My father was a panel beater and I grew up at the shop (my brother runs it now) I do not think he is using any filler. It looks like proper body work not what I saw in the USA which is basically filler based.
  9. Nope because in 73 Datsun added the emission controls, changed carburetors, etc.
  10. Thanks to all for the follow up and trying to help. Unfortunately the Swiss authorities request the Owners Manual for registration of the car. If anyone has one PDF version that will be great.
  11. Thanks. I already have the Service Manual. As for the link, it is fake, just to get the credit card number. Thanks will keep trying
  12. Is this 71B the one with the R right below the 5th or the one with the R up and the 1st below ? If it is the first one I might be interested in getting it...
  13. My 1972 240z in Switzerland but still driving around with my Antique Florida plates...😎
  14. Hi community. I have moved to Switzerland from Florida with my 240z and I'm in the middle of getting the homologation of the car to get Swiss License Plates (for the time being I'm still driving around with my Florida Antique blue plates, see attached pic). As part of the technical inspection they are requesting that I present the Owners Manual (which did not get when I bought my car). At they had the manual but the link is not working. Anyone who could help me to get a PDF version of it ? Many thanks.
  15. Great project congratulations. Could you please share with us the websites where you are buying all that 240z Japanese stuff ? Thanks!