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  1. Casey_z

    C’mon! Own up ...

    The girls are in there 30's and 40's now and are the best friends you can ever have. 17 grand kids so it really hasn't stopped. My shop is my oasis
  2. Casey_z

    C’mon! Own up ...

    I have very little hair for a reason. 5 teenage girls in the same house at the same time. Those days I don't miss.
  3. Casey_z

    C’mon! Own up ...

    The back seat faced the back window and my daughters would fight to sit back there. There is 5 of them "daughters that is" and we would get some funny looks because of the stunts they pulled back there. Not a seat belt in sight😁 Good days I loved that car. Casey
  4. Casey_z

    C’mon! Own up ...

    I had one of these babies for my family in the 80's
  5. Hey Casey.  New to this Z forum.  Gotta ask, what type of air dam/Spoiler is that you have on other photos.  It appears to be a "spook" type dam.  Can you elaborate?

    1. Casey_z



      This has been on the car for a long time

      It is what they call a spook type.

      It was on the car when i bought it 11 years ago.

      This was probably bought in the 70's

      Probably a BRE Spook non vented

      Still available on the BRE web site




    2. Pat K

      Pat K

      Perfect!  And, thank you so much for the quick response.  Trying to "calm" this rebuild down a  bit.  Previous build had to go with the wider dam to match up to the flares that were on there.

      Again, thanks much.

  6. Love the silver. (I am partial) Great looking car Casey
  7. I also am 6"5" and I have loads of leg and head room. Make sure the seat mechanism is moving all the way back and as CanTechZ mentioned look for spacers that raise the seat. Great looking car by the way. Casey
  8. Welcome We love pictures Casey
  9. The knob is the rheostat for the dash lights. Mine go from nothing to pretty dim. Common issue Casey
  10. Gives you something to do while self isolating It is a relief to know anyway I hope I can see this build this summer sometime Casey
  11. It is Silver and I will ask my brother when I can what was used. Our memories are both plus 60years old. This is now eight years ago
  12. Great attention to detail. I went down the same road as you about 6 or 7 years ago. I also let a professional do the final fine work. Happens to be my brother who has had his own shop for 30 years. He even made a roof that was dented look perfect The finished product will be great. Canada does not allow solvent based paint. We ordered the paint from the U.S. Good luck Casey
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