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  1. Casey_z

    Found old Z pictures. I’ll start!

    Me at 19 with a new 1973
  2. Casey_z

    1970 Series1 240z "barnfind"

    This is a great story Please keep it going
  3. Casey_z

    OEM AM Radio- Will it add value?

    I love taking my grandkids for a ride 1 little speaker and pushbuttons. Noisy power antenna I do not drive a 240z to listen to music😁
  4. Casey_z

    windshield install-adhesive, or no?

    I had mine installed without any adhesive It would make a PITA to replace again 5 years and dry Casey
  5. Casey_z

    Body line

    this show's the lines
  6. At last spring in Ontario
  7. I kind of like the real thing My 76 Kz900 The new retro bikes are pretty hot Casey
  8. Casey_z

    Tires for my 1974 Datsun 260Z

    I have Toyo Proxes on mine Great option
  9. Casey_z

    The area you call garage ....

    Its cold outside but warm in here Just finished a restore on the 1986 1100 Virago
  10. Casey_z

    The area you call garage ....

    This is outside. I will take picture of inside and post
  11. Casey_z

    240z Early / Late Wheel Cylinders?

    What he said You can bend a new line in minutes
  12. Casey_z

    When and Where did You get yours?

    Me at 19 with my brand new 73 I loved that car Today's version
  13. The transmission is from a 78 280z and the head has the larger 280z valves The 3.9 differential is what makes the combination work.

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