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  1. Love the silver. (I am partial) Great looking car Casey
  2. I also am 6"5" and I have loads of leg and head room. Make sure the seat mechanism is moving all the way back and as CanTechZ mentioned look for spacers that raise the seat. Great looking car by the way. Casey
  3. Welcome We love pictures Casey
  4. The knob is the rheostat for the dash lights. Mine go from nothing to pretty dim. Common issue Casey
  5. Gives you something to do while self isolating It is a relief to know anyway I hope I can see this build this summer sometime Casey
  6. It is Silver and I will ask my brother when I can what was used. Our memories are both plus 60years old. This is now eight years ago
  7. Great attention to detail. I went down the same road as you about 6 or 7 years ago. I also let a professional do the final fine work. Happens to be my brother who has had his own shop for 30 years. He even made a roof that was dented look perfect The finished product will be great. Canada does not allow solvent based paint. We ordered the paint from the U.S. Good luck Casey
  8. I love the colour and your dogged determination.
  9. I like the look of the original CB750 also
  10. Crazy mild day Got the moth balls out of the Z and my latest bike project
  11. I am 25 minutes from the border and have saved a lot on shipping.
  12. I have driven my car on a very cold day (-15 degrees) a while back in the winter to have the restoration done at my brothers shop. The carb prewarming piping is not there anymore. It took about 20 miles before I could run without the choke. It likes the cold about as much as I do.