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240Z D hubcaps ... reproduction?

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Something seems odd to me about these hubcaps.  From another post I asked about finger differences and someone pointed out the valve hole  position seems to go with the smaller tighter fingers and is across from the opening.  All the below links are small fingers, but from what I found on eBay it’s in the wrong spot and should not be by the spoke.

I guess the other odd part to me is all have the same description and are all NOS. The numbers on the back look odd to me too. As well as the color. Who has 3 sets of NOS hubcaps?  Now it’s possible one is a relist from a non paying bidder, but the last one in December already left him positive feedback. All the same seller.

I’m all for real NOS if they really are, but if they are repos I think they should sell for less money and be stated as such. Am I wrong?

Current listing:


Completed lisitng:




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They look fake to me.

- fingers on the back do not have correct outer edge serrations

- depth of cut between fingers is shallower

- holes for air stem are not beveled/pressed in but are simply bigger drilled holes

- paint is wrong shade and is too glossy

- edges of spokes are pressed into too sharp angles

- stamped ink numbers are too clear , too aligned , too small and the sequence is wrong. I always thought they were date stamps as they were often the same digits.

- one of the inner circular bends in the steel just outside of the D plastic seems to be missing


I wonder if someone is getting these bad repro's / fakes done offshore given the recent $1k prices?


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I call bullshite.

He also has these center caps listed on ebay where he says they are “Very rare caps. N.o.s. Have not install. Stripped, Re-chrome and re-painted.”


Out of curiosity... If they were truly never installed NOS, why would they need to be stripped and re-chromed. Maybe he doesn't know what N.O.S. really means?

And about the numbers stamped on the backs, the numbers are in sequence. 0135, through 0138. And the parts in all three of those auctions were the exact same parts.

Methinks someone is trying to capitalize on the expense of these items.  Way too fishy all around. I'd be happy to be proven wrong, but I call "Bullshite."

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4 minutes ago, Captain Obvious said:

And that paint is clearly wrong. Way too shiny.

First thing I noticed that was wrong! Pays to do research before buying anything online.

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real 7 bends.jpg fake 5 bends.jpg


Real has 7 bends.                                                                                                                                              Fake  has 5 bends

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3 minutes ago, duffymahoney said:

Glad they are getting reproduced.  Not glad people are scamming others.  

Yep. I don’t mind reproduction assuming they are advertised as such. We need to keep watching to see if more auctions pop up and report to eBay. 

What’s sad is he is likely a Z enthusiast. 


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3 minutes ago, 240260280 said:

Real has 7 bends.  Fake  has 5 bends

Haha!! Good eyes! I saw that too and was trying to find some other pics to confirm, but I think we may have found "the tell".

I found a pic where I noticed that missing extra bend, but they were on the ones with the valve stem hole in the center of the slot, and not the center of the spoke. It's conceivable that they changed the die and removed those bends when they went to the valve in the spoke location.

So is the pic you posted from valve at hole, or valve at spoke?

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Great photo above!

Some have valve stem hole at spoke, others have it at the gap between spokes.  Usually the ones at the spoke have fewer fingers.  There does not seem to be a date cut-off as both were observed as far back as 1967. It may be due to two different manufacturers.

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Got a reply from the seller:


"Thand you for interested my D caps. I took a vacation trip to asia countries. I found a few set. I kept 1 set for my car. Tell you the true. I did not know, they look brand new to me and fit very good. Thanks"


He also updated the description in the Ebay ad.  I looks like someone is making reproductions.

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