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Lightening a 240Z

d3c0y Zed

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Whew! I am not sure that you can get the Z much lighter.

If you don't care about comfort. You can strip the interior out, but we are talking about a car that weighs in at about 2300 lbs as is.

Fiberglass hood and fenders will help as well


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Smaller, lighter battery.

Lightweight racing seats.

Remove stereo, speakers, antenna, and wiring.

Aluminum radiator.

Sheet metal headlight buckets.

Remove hood hinges, springs, and latch mechanism. Replace with pins.

Carbon fiber or fiberglass hood.

Carbon fiber or fiberglass rear hatch.

Replace rear hatch glass with Lexan.

Remove AC and heater and all related switches and plumbing.

Use Type B 4 speed.

Lightweight rims and tires (weigh them, don't rely on what the sales people tell you.)

Run the early bumpers and get rid of any overriders.

Run a header with a thin wall stainless exhaust system.

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I hope that these suggestions hold true for a 74 260 as well..I have no idea how much the 260 weighs in stock but I do remember that the are supposed to be considerably heavier than the 240s..Are the and significant parts that are on the 260 that are not on the 240 that I could remove, once again without sacrificing strength integrity..


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I've a 260, I lighten it by going to 240 bumpers, you could go to fiberglass/plastic bumbers too if your gonna repaint anytime soon

BTW get the Competition Nissan Racing 240Z bumper. its cheaper and you dont mount all the rubber trim. Also the exhaust... headers and stainless steel exhaust with only one muffler

and what else... you can redo your interior w/ cheap thin carpet too, but then your car will be louder... I think I covered everything with out going into too much overkill. I dunno if that helped much.

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Originally posted by My260Rocks

... the Competition Nissan Racing 240Z bumper...

Would that be the same bumper as the European one? Where can one find a competition Nissan racing 240z bumper and how much does it cost? Thanks.


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i really dont know if its the same as the european bumper... It looks exactly the same as a stock 240Z bumper, only its all crome, with no holes for the rubber strip. I think I got my front bumper new for abt $200 dollars. (I went to a dealership where they gave great discounts for Z club of Texas members)

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my 73 240z, with roll cage, fuel cell, fire system, semi-stripped and prepped to ITS specs weighs in at less than 2100 lbs. id guess you could make a street version well under 2000 without getting too crazy.

lexan replacing glass is another way. (illegal for street use in most places).


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