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  1. Howdy, I'm located in the Central Coast of California and am looking for a good paint and body shop to work on my 260. The coast doesn't have very many options, and those that do full jobs, have long wait lists and quotes of over $15k. My attention has shifted to the valley to save money. Can anyone recommend of a quality shop in the central valley that does complete car paint and body? Much appreciated
  2. I'm looking for a metal front driver side fender, restored/refurbished or reproduction. Anyone have a good source?
  3. also, every so often the damned thing will come alive, charge hard core, then stop charging again....
  4. My 74 260 has just recently become afflicted with an electrical problem. It seems the battery is not being charged correctly. WHen I rev my car up, the amp meter shows a rise in current, but not much. Alternator has been checked and its fine. This issue is also affecting my fuel pump. For some reason the electric fuel pump isnt pumping at all. Battery is brand new(less then 2 weeks). I have a voltage regulator on order, but the fuel pump issue is making me think it might be something else. Has anyone else had to deal with this issue?
  5. My brother (bless his soul ) had his car in a gun metal black... that looked green at one angle, black straight up, and grey at the opposite. Its the same color of the GMC Delani Metallic Black... very expensive. We worked so hard to get that thing as straight as possible! My older brother is re-restoring that Z, kind of a memorial to our younger bro. Man that car was sweet...
  6. OMG Orange???? I chose to use the porsh red from the same model year... so i could escape the ORANGE!!!
  7. im looking at the diagram supplied in my Haynes. It, unfortunatly does not color code the wires coming directly from the combo. switch. After the plug it is labels, but not before. Does the Chilton do a better job in that particular area?
  8. OKay i replace a fried plug in my 74 260Z under my ignition (the one with nine wires)... but Im not one-hundred percent sure I rebuilt my plugs right.... I might have them backwards... or upside down... or just in total disarray. Could someone look under their car and tell me the plug combinations... DO something like GY(greenyellow) to R(red), BW(blackwhite) to L(blue), etc. Thank you so much... Oh, hey, maybe send a picture for reference...
  9. Well I just wrapped up my final semester of school, and what happens to me on the last couple of days??? Electrical problems... Heres what happened, and what continues to happen. My 74 260Z, All of a sudden, has lost all tach, fuel gauge , oil gauge and fan function. And my amp gauge reads a varying drain, even when the car is revved. Upon a glancing observation I found that all the gauges use the same green-white wire. Continuity was... continuitous( is that a word?) through out the harness, however after the plug box I lose track of the wire... My question(s) 1) WHats going on here?!?. 2) Wh
  10. unfortunately the curve of the bar is to broad and does not fit the curve of the hood. I dont know how this rumor that the Civic strut bar would fit ever got started. At least the end links are useful if I deside to attempt to fabricate my own (non-Clampett style). -Patrick
  11. yeah they look great, ive got to email them they say that the setup fits the early 260Z all models??? I've a 260Z late model, anyway, thnk you guys so much for the direction!
  12. cool, abt how much for the Tokikos?
  13. (thanks for the compliment) i guess it might be an urge to test my abilities as a fabricator. See how well i can make new brackets...will they look pretty (confident i can)... will the bar shape well... thats the question... If not, I could totally see fabrication from fresh molly in a tri-pod style. Maybe its an excercise in futility. Maybe this is all mental masterbation. But maybe it'll work great, look great, and I can have a little pride in it. :laugh: Or itll look horrible and Ive wasted 25bucks and a few hours i would have spent watching TV. Hey, whatever keeps you busy, right?
  14. Nah, bottom of the line things (Im a poor college student). I'd like to think shocks last longer then 2 or 3 years even if they are the 20 dollar ones from Oreilly's :lick: Maybe I expect too much... bastards! I guess I'll just move up a notch on price (hopefully its an indicator of quality). Thanks for the help.
  15. sblake01, dont give up on me man:) i read the post (after i bought the dang thing) and there is no follow up on whether he could get the thing to work while still closing his hood. I understand that bending will effect the integrity. I think its chrome molly, which affords me some ability in changing angles, but a small bit. Like I said, I'll update. If I have to bend the snot out of it, I know its not a good idea, and will say "there is no way this project can work". This thread will probably be more useful then the other one if for no reason other then the fact that it is mentioned that the
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