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  1. Scott, When you said "oblonged/ovaled" hole, did you really mean the hole is NOT round? The hole should be round so theres no free play when stepping on the pedal, which relates to point it acutally applies pressure to clutch cylinder. If you have a perfect round hole, then my guess is you probably have air in the lines. Try to bleed again. Do you have a good working slave cylinder? Did you set the correct engagement gap on the slave cylinder? I don't have my manual handy but I recall it was something like 2-3 full turns back out from point of engagement. HTH, -Wilbur
  2. Sorry. I don't plan on parting out engine components. It'd be cheaper if you trade in your starter as core for those they sell in your local auto parts store. Regards, -Wilbur
  3. Hi all, Guess I'm ready to start on my 240Z project. I need to get rid of the engine and drivetrain on this puppy before the RB26 transplant. Here's what I have from a '72 240Z: 1. Currently in-car running L24 engine and 4spd tranny (w/ newly replaced clutch for about 2,000 miles). I get 24mpg on highway so it's all tuned and adjusted properly. The odometer says 79xxx but it's probably at 179xxx miles given it's 30+ year car. I'm the 3rd owner and bought the car 2yrs ago. Things that I've done to the engine: a. replaced valve cover gasket b. replaced clutch assembly c. complete engine tune-up: new spark plugs/wires, oil filter, fuel filter, coolant flush, valve adjustments, carb tuning via flowmeter d. manual tranny fluid flush 2. Currently in-car R180 open diff with the works (axles, mustache bar, driveshaft) Things that I've done to it: a. diff gear oil flush I'm not sure how much they're worth so send me your best offers. One criterion is that you'll need to help me take the parts out! I live in Pittsburg, CA. 94565. Shoot me a mail if you're interested, guycali@yahoo.com Regards, -Wilbur
  4. Minimal rust and in good condition (no crack, bend, or oval'ed mounting holes). Please send offer with price shipped to CA. 94566 commercial. Thanks. -Wilbur
  5. Few S30s, mostly 350Zs... Replace tsumagoi_vol# with 2-6 to see more pics. -guycali http://any-s.net/from-z/slideshow/tsumagoi_vol1/index_frame.html
  6. Hi, I have few items for sale. Email me if interested. -guycali 1. New Tokico Illumina adjustable 240Z rear struts Brand new BZ3016 one pair (2 struts). Fits 240Z/early 260Z. $240+shipping. 2. Used good 87-89 MR2 Tokico Illumina adjustable struts Two sets of BZ3099 (2 struts per set) available, $120/set + shipping. Perfect for 240Z fronts with coilovers. Good used condition. 3. New Alcon NASCAR 4-piston aluminum front brake calipers Perfect for those custom monster garage project! 1.75" and 1.875" differential pistons. One of the 1.75" piston was missing so a similar Wilwood piston was fitted. The Wilwood piston has a thinner thickness than the original Alcon piston so you may want to replace it with original Alcon part. These calipers are designed to fit 1"-1.25" thick 13"+ rotors but will fit 1.5" thick ones too. The calipers have no part numbers so I can't really give you any more detail. Sorry about that. One set of Alcon pads are included, #7712.99.25.04. They have been dyno bedded and had one race on them. The mounting ears will need to be milled and drilled and custom fit for your purposes. Obviously they'll require a set of custom mounts too. I got these along with a parts car so that's all I know. I've heard each calipers retailed for $500/ea. You can get both at a tremendous saving here. $400/set + shipping. http://hybridz.org/nuke/modules/zClassifieds/ad_photos/84.jpg http://hybridz.org/nuke/modules/zClassifieds/ad_photos/85.jpg http://hybridz.org/nuke/modules/zClassifieds/ad_photos/86.jpg
  7. It doesn't seem like there's going to be an Ohlone Fremont Z event this year, not listed in ZONC.org's calendar anyway. I heard there were too many 350Z's and not many old school Z's last year so organizers were bummed. Should we try to persuade them to host one? Lower the entry fee too so some of us with Z beaters or rust buckets can park together to show old school support!!! -Guycali
  8. In case you're looking for Autometer gauges, there's a groupbuy on eclipseforums.org ending 4/29. http://www.eclipseforums.org/forum/showthread.php?s=&threadid=158706
  9. Argh just my luck! Can't make it as I have a b-day party in SF. Unless you guys will be there after 2pm??? I'll stop by after I'm done with the party. Play v-ball or something to keep occupied... Otherwise, see you guys at Rio Vista on 4/3. -Wilbur
  10. Rio Vista, I'm there! My car is running but still in rusty shape. I'm up for a meet before Rio Vista as long as it doesn't rain on that day. I live in Pittsburg by Hwy4. Let's get together for a drink! -Wilbur
  11. Hi all, Where can I find Moog suspension parts (cheap?), especially ball joints and tie rod ends for 70-73 240Z? I have much doubts about the quality of those Taiwan-made ones. Heck, I even managed to break an impact wrench socket adapter 1/2"->3/8" when using it with a 1/2" non-impact rachet. Regards, Wilbur
  12. 2ManyZ, unibody as the carcass or shell, excluding hood, fenders, headlight buckets, doors, and hatch right?
  13. If only we have money to burn... Nevertheless, it's still cheaper than Intense Restoration's list price of $895. Maybe we should all sign a petition to Koito Japan to retool both the U.S. and Euro spec lenses. -Guycali
  14. For those who can't access 50megs.com, I've transfered it to comcast. Here's the link: http://home.comcast.net/~guycali/photo.html. Enjoy! -Wilbur
  15. Oh that? . That was last year's "z by the bay" if you look at the date of the thumbnail!
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