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Electric Fuel Pump Install - Keep Mechanical Pump?


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I only drive my 240z every other weekend or so.  After it sits for a week the fuel system is empty and takes the stock mechanical pump many rotations of the engine to fill everything up and start.  I plan on installing a Carter electric pump at the tank along with an adjustable fuel press. regulator and gauge.  My question is, should I keep the stock mechanical pump on the side of the engine or get a block off plate and keep the pump in a box?  If I keep the mechanical pump do I need a fuel press. regulator?

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I had the same problem with my Webers.  They would tend to go dry after a few weeks of standing still and the mechanical pump would take forever to get them primed again.  I went with an electric pump (I used a Facet / Purolater) that fit perfectly in the OEM mounting location and totally eliminated the mechanical pump.  I rewired the electric pump so that it will turn on when the ignition switch is either in the "on" position or the "start" position and this allows me to quickly prime the carbs after sitting.  System works great. 


You will still need a FPR and I also added a gauge to mine so I can get an idea of the pressure.  I also added an impact switch to the circuit so that power will be cut to the pump in the case of an accident or rollover.  Other people have used the signal from the oil pressure sending unit to accomplish the same thing.


Good luck with your install and let me know if I can be of any other help.



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Thanks for all the info guys.  I got my order placed with Summit Racing for just about everything I need along with a block off plate from Z Car Depot.  Once everything is here I will visit the hardware store to get the brass fittings I need for the install.

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+1 on your great blog jarvo, i went through the whole thing (3 years!!) and picked up some great info. it's cool when folks take the time to share into the collective knowledge pool so duffers like me can learn before ruining things ;}


i'm actually switching my 78 to carbs with an f54/p79 rebuild, so this post is timely!

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And here's one more approach.  My '71 went through a couple leaky mechanical pumps in the first six or seven years of its life.  After the second one started leaking, I decided to go with an electric pump and NO pressure regulator about 37 years ago.  At that time, I left the mechanical pump in place and just bypassed it.  


Eight years ago, when I replaced my old AC system with a modern version, I pulled the non-functioning mechanical pump which was surrounded by the old York compressor bracket and installed a block off plate.  No component problems in 37 years.


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