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Looking For Parts In Europe...


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Hello to all Z-friends :)

I live in Athens, Greece and I have a 1973 240z which I bought 6 months ago from U.S.

Even though the car is complete, well, needs some work but it is complete...I find myself looking to buy various parts from U.S. either because I can't find them in Greece or simply because the prices are much lower even with shipping costs...

I would like to ask where Z-friends in Europe find parts... Ok, of course I know about ebay... But other stores or z-experts in Europe?

Thank you in advance... And I'll thank you more later ;)

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Hi George,

I generally go to http://www.carpartsmanual.com/datsunS30/DatsunZIndex.aspx, look up the part number, then check if it hasn't changed to a new number on www.courtesyparts.com. They will show replaced by part number...... and then try my local nissan dealer. If its NLA I then start looking in the US or sometimes in the UK for aftermarket. There is a couple in England like Four Ways Engineering.

For those hard to find parts your best option is Second hand parts. Ill try the local "marktplaats" its a kind of Craigslist here in NL. That might be harder in Greece.

If you let US know what you need, maybe we can help.


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it's not that I have a list now for parts I want but from time to time I will need something...


for example, right now I am ordering a felpro full gasket set, ngk spark plugs and ngk spark plug wires... My local nissan dealers have never seen 240z gaskets... the datsun z and zx series were not popular here... don't know why...


I know now that there are only other 3 (including mine) 240z in Greece and one 280z which is abandoned and bad shape... there is also a 2+2 280zx in a junkyard... so buying second parts in Greece is not something I can do... I have this 280zx engine (from the junkyard) in mind though but still I will need parts to rebuilt it ;)


I found the ngk spark plugs here in Greece but the price is much higher than U.S.


Later I will need parts to rebuilt my engine, suspension parts...


The car is running fine though but in my future plans there is a engine rebuilt and the cheapest way is buying parts from U.S.


I just need to know if I am right on this... that buying from U.S. is the cheapest way... because that is my conclusion so far...

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There is a local guy here that runs a restoration shop and sells parts on the side. He sells gasket sets for €145. http://www.autoservice-rozendaal.nl/asr/zparts/. Might be worth checking out. Shipping would be less and you don't have the huge import taxes. Check the link to his webshop. Jan and Belinda are also members of our local Z club in NL. Jan is the Chairman for as long as I can remember.

One thing to look out for if you use rock auto. They often send from different warehouses to complete the order. When they do they charge full shipping from both locations. In the US that doesn't add much, but here in Europe its often more than the price of the goods ordered.


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