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240k Style

KenMeri love, introducing my 1975 KHGC110 Hardtop :bandit:

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    Hey buddy just wondering how you went with air mail on that front grill? I've been wary of ordering parts that size because I figured the shipping would be horrendous, also did you use import monster?

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    Hey Brian. I organised that through a friend who paid for the shipping, so i have no idea what the cost was. And since it was through a mate i cut out the middle man. But i usually use Jason from JDM factory (its in my signature).

    Sorry i couldnt be of more help

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    Has anyone else done this?

    With the a young family it's hard to find dollars for the project, especially with bills and the mortgage etc.

    So grabbed a jar, emptied the wallet (it's pay week) into it and broke out the market and tape.

    End result


    It's a start


    Hopefully it's a start on funds to get the shell repaired and painted. I've got other money happening elsewhere but everything counts!!

    I've got some flares and a rear wing on order from Restored in Japan, so hopefully those should arrive soon.

    Picked up some more parts cheap as well


    Basically spares but they were the right price. Needed a front apron as a guide to repair my other one. The trim is slightly better than what I have now.

    Still chasing a windscreen, but have a few leads. May have to raid the jar soonish LOL.

    Slowly but surely I'm getting the parts.

    Sometimes I wonder why I just didn't buy a Z...a lot more around and I'd be driving it by now

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    That's still my preference mate. Haven't called them yet.

    This one would be $270 delivered to me so I'll call that mob soon Adrian.

    Just sussing out the prices ;)

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    Ok been doing a little bit to the car lately. I've started tidying up underneath and in the rear wheel wells. Need to buy a new grinder then I'll get seriously stuck in to it. I've also sourced a welder from a mate to fix up the holes. I'm thinking of getting the car running with the body as is and then GTR clone it later on as I'm hanging to drive her after being allowed to drive a mates coupe.


    I've managed to come across a few more spare, tail lights, complete rust free straight doors inc glass, spare boot, more window glass, ss trim etc. been very lucky, as the doors seem to be much better than my wavy ones I had. The prices were too good to pass up.



    So I thought I'd mount one of the doors to see how good it was....unfortunately it showed me how many dents the body REALLY has :(



    I've completely stripped the rear bumper, inc the number plate light assemblies. Also stripped the front indicator housing. All off the be zinc plated. Remembered to bag and tag.


    And I was at my dad's place snooping around and found these babies! Genuine factory wheels!!! Will need these for the GTR look. 14x5 of factory awesomeness. Just need 3 more! Will look good for car shows. I've already had them blasted and etch primed, just need paint. Here's a photo on Nissan's museum C110 GTR so you know what I mean.




    I'm all over the shop with paint choice, as I want to stand out from the crowd and still be uniquely me.... So more thought required.

    Stay tuned.

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    you finally came around and ought a 240Z!!! NICEE!!!

    Adam did a bad, bad thing.....short trip next week

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    Yeah know the feeling.

    The coupe is still having the underside wire wheeled and then painted. Just cleaning all the surface rust up. But since I know have a cruiser I'll take my time with the rust repairs and may even send it out as around the back windows isn't good. And I'd love to unpick the wiper plenum and check that out

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    I have so much to do to try make a car show with the Yonmeri on Nov 1st the Kenmeri is being a bit ignored.

    So this should help, I bought the basis for my race motor.


    L28e out of a '81 280ZX. It has a N42 head with and F54 block and was apparently rebuilt about 10km ago. Looks really clean inside.





    This will be an L30 (to fit in with car club championship classes) running Triple 45 Webers. Should do well

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