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KenMeri love, introducing my 1975 KHGC110 Hardtop :bandit:

240k Style

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G'day all. Thought I'd post my coupe. Yes, I finally managed too find one. But I'll start from the start.

Part 1: The Find

I've been looking for a coupe for a long time. I've even bought one but that adventured turned south when the seller wasn't exactly honest. So no thanks. Anyway, I was invited to a Facebook group of like minded c110 people and loved seeing their cars.

After getting talking to one who was also looking for a c110 coupe we resolved to finding one each.

Well, I got very lucky when out of the blue I was asked, "how bad do you want a coupe?" It was a project car, but it was complete.

Very silly question. Well I was supplied four photos and an email address from this friend. I owe him so much for this.

The price range was a bit much for him but it was something I might be able to reach. This was very last minute. It was going on eBay the next day. He was passing this information to me!

Contact was made, photos seen and then the next day a deposit paid. Just like that.

The only problem was it was located in NSW. I live in Melbourne. It's only a distance of about 1250Km's. You know what that means??

Part 2: The Road Trip

Road trips can be fun. But 2500km's in 37 hours is painful LOL. Big thanks to my father for the assist. Dad made a big effort to get the black wagon in top shape and she performed perfectly. We borrowed a trailer off another mate and we were off. 3 AM start and we covered approximately 1240km in 12 hours 45 min. Not bad all at.

Met Glen, the owner and we got talking all things Datsun. The car was a local car sold by a Datsun dealer new in a town called Gunnedah in NSW. A local fella kept it as his daily until upgrading years later. The coupe went to live in the shed. Then the children learnt to drive in her in their early teens. The blue was boring though so the ok was given to customize the paint. After this, the coupe again went to live in the shed until recovered a couple of years ago.

A quick look over. Money exchanged hands. Receipts given. I now had a car. Wheeled her onto the trailer, which took about 15 secs. Then took 1.5hr's to tie her down LOL. Then began the long journey home.





The happy new owner!


Wrapped for the trip home


Got home at 4PM today.

I've got to inventory it all now, work out what needs doing and start organizing for stuff to be chromed, plated etc.

Home at last


The plan is a GTR replica with a 3L with triple webers. Long time from now



I'll keep you posted :)

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Thanks ;) I know what's ahead of me. The rear quarters aren't pretty so flares are a go. I don't feel bad cutting them.

The price(considerably below market value) and its complete with a lot of straight stainless trim / bumpers and extra goodies like 5 speed gearbox and pedal box, hilux calipers and twin su's, meant I got a good deal.

And since I'm NOT doing the bodywork myself it made it all the more appealing. Just going to take my time with it all and leave sending the shell away till last.

I've got a great bonnet and boot and the doors, although a bit wrinkly, are fairly rust free. So I'll take all those off, paint strip them and get them into primer to keep them good.

I know I'm missing the front and rear windscreens and a drivers window. And I'm also chasing a new set of locks with keys for a coupe if anyone can help

But overall, I'm a very happy camper, just waiting on the C210 to sell!!!

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Ok I had a couple of hours spare today so I decided to pull everything out of the car and see where I'm at. The car had been packed by the previous owner before I got there, so was wondering if everything had made it.

So out came all the pieces


In terms of the stainless trim, as far as I can tell I'm only missing a drivers side eyebrow and a right angle bit from the back window


Back cards are stuffed but will make excellent patterns


Inside plastic trim is ok, apart from one being snapped in half :(


Front indicator housing are gone, but the lenses are reasonable


Boxes with random crap like bonnet catch mount, sun visors, seatbelts, rad hoses, etc etc


Headlights are very good. Not cracked. I'll be upgrading from sealed units but ill hold onto these


Door cards aren't too bad, but will be easy to copy like the rear ones


Twin Su's. looks like they're not exactly the right setup but easy fix


And an awesome surprise. Factory AirCon install


There a 5 speed in the boot along with the hilux calipers. I'll need to look up a few things but I think the rest is there


Needs a massive clean, and it's raining so I can't wheel her outside to blow the crap out. There's mud nests from wasps etc on the block and dirt and crap everywhere else

That's all for now

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Congrats on the find! that alone is a massive feat!

your road trip and pick up reminded me of my first 240k purchase back in 2004! I know exactly how your feeling! Hopefully we get to hear the rest of the story as time progresses!

i am using those same museum photos as my "goal".. i can't get past the idea of a 240k in red!

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I'm still checking out if I need to get things before I start the resto. A good thing too as I'm missing some of the stainless trim

Drivers side is ok


The back window is all there. Although it appears I have got a sedan rear section as well :)


Passenger side is also good.


Just missing the front windscreen top section. It turns out I'm also missing a drivers side eyebrow but I've located one of those already from another c110 owner. The rear eyebrows are pretty badly bent so will need some love.

Once I source a top section it'll all come off and go into a box to await being sent for straightening and polishing.

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