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  1. yea yea i know there are not a heap around but have to ask (again), Please dont send me a pic of a mint bonnet and ask me for an offer (my reply is whatever your happy with) and then text me the next day to let me know you sold it for 300 bucks Whoopdy "£$%en doooo.Thanks for teasing me because I thought $650 to $800 would of been fair ..end of rant.. http://www.gumtree.com.au/m-my-ad.html?adId=1063692908 Des
  2. 54722 Nissan 240K Coupe 1973 TO 1978 2DR Coupe Front Windscreen NEW | eBay ????
  3. very true, a mate is shocked that his 2011 bmw with 86k kms radiator has let go, all alloy and glued plastic ..
  4. Ha ha , did he end up still having the Rad Yamahacam?
  5. Dont know if its still for sale Yamahacam ??, in seqld too. [Qld] 5 core s30 race car radiator. $250
  6. Is there a site or link where I can try to decode? I would love to learn of paint colour,code and to see if I have a matching engine
  7. Keep the thread updated and detailed Adam as it makes my resto easier!
  8. Car lived in Toowoomba for a long time , so relatively close.
  9. Yes she needs a major resto, and like my son said inside smells like sweaty nana!! My other resto (vh 770 valiant charger) I have to get ready for a annual car meet , chryslers on the murray.
  10. Cheers Scott, you got me learning japanese yahoo style all ready!
  11. Hi guys ,Im glad I've found a 240k site! just dragged this 73 home , itching to get started but have to finish another resto first (has to be ready by march 2014).Will be lurking around here trying to learn as much a possible . Lots of great info and thankyou for all the tech and where to buy what contributions. The long term plan is GTR clone but i must say the rear 1/4 cut is final! The 240 k needs a total resto , rust in sills, rear 1/4 ,boot is gone and bonnet isn't much better.Its auto complete and drove on and off the trailer.The original color is a silvery blue/ purple tinge (got to find and learn to identify codes) 3/73 year model which makes it the same vintage as me. Living on the Sunny Coast Qld Cheers Des
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