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Bolt on stronger transmission recommendation?


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The 240SX "71C" (or 71H depending on where you look) type transmissions can be made to work with a bellhousing swap. Apparently the later models, like mid 90s, have wider gears, plus reverse synchro, and they all have bigger countershaft bearings than the 71B's.

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I think that Borg Warner used the "T-5" designation to describe many of their transmissions but there is, apparently, a lot of variation in design.

Here's a web page from a guy that seems to be well-respected around the Z-related web. The 280ZX Turbo's used the FS5R90A transmission (I checked the FSM to be sure). Note that it's focused on the Z31 (300ZX with V6) so a bellhousing swap is necessary to bolt up to an L6.

ZBUM's Z31 Transmission Information Page

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The problem I had with all of the OEM options out there was finding something with closer ratios, akin to the opt 2 comp box. Even the "close ratio" stuff out there wasn't close enough, not by a long shot. With that said, I'd suggest an aftermarket trans if the rules allow for it. Many EP zcar guys in SCCA are running Jerico boxes or the like, mated to either an auto trans or t5 belhousing. Plus the Jericos are good for something like 1000hp, and are about the same weight as the stock box.

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Did a little Google search and that seems like a tough transmission but it looks like you better be ready to get off your wallet...


You can pick them up in good shape used for about 2500, and can have pretty much any ratio your heart desires, here's an example:

Jerico 4-speed racing transmission and shifte For Sale

G-Force used to build a nice T5 style transmission. Contact Taylor Race Engineering in Plano TX.

I've read alot of mixed reviews with the G-forces, but I'm betting much of it is/was user error - wrong lube, etc. With that said it looks like g-force is still producing them, or at least the gearsets, and Taylor would be my go-to as well.

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