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Intake Manifolds.


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Ok now I'm looking for actuall proof with this question not "supposed to be" or "rumored too have's".

It's regarding the E88 & N36 intake manifolds. I have heard the N36 gives a 10Hp power increase. I ask this because I have one spare in the garage that is acutally collecting dust(saw dust). One the car I have a E88.

I understand that this might only benefit if you have done other modifications. So I'm gonna list the mods done to my L28.

It's a F54 block with E88 head. 10:1 comp. mild cam, ZX valves, some head work. Extractors and the equivelent of a mandrel bend exhaust system infact there are no bends the exhaust runs straight down the middle of the car. Electronic distributor and coil.. So the car flows quite well.

Anyway do you guru's think that if I bolt the N36 up I'll get more power????:classic:

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they do have larger runners and flow somewhat better but the fact or the lack there of that they give you 10 hp is a joke.

maybe on a very highly modified engine, but if your looking for just a touch more you will get it from the N36 intake, it is a better choice.

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Link is broken however I've been there before can't recall much about it. I looked at mine in the garage can't see much difference I spose I'll get it polished up and stick it on one day. I'll let you know if I notice anything might be a bit hard.:classic:

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looking at your set up I would recommend the P75 or another in the series of injected manifolds, parts are easy and I can guarantee the 10HP plus another 10hp to keep you happy.

My reasoning is simple if you carb up with that group of manifolds and with your set up you will have to be right on top of your running mixture. I mean the mixture when you have with 5,500 under the needle and you want to go hard. Seriously for mild to wild F54 plus anything modified with decent capacity and cam you realyu need to experience the wild DCOE Webber Tripple or the ultra smooth injection.

My 2c

Good luck with the Manifolds


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First off thanks for the reply.

Webbers would be really nice but unfortunately I drive the car daily and fuel consumption would be very high and traffic driving is no fun. I expect Webbers to use more than the SU's.

I don't quite follow what you mean by carbing up a P75 manifold?

Do you mean the P75 is a fuel injections manifold if so how do you attach carbs to it??? Sorry if this is a silly question but this area is all new to me.

Fuel injection is a bit complex for now and I'm not ready to commit that kind of money just yet. I still have to pay off the car. The N36 was just lying in the garage so I thought I could slap it on anytime kinda thing.

I can see myself going Turbo Injection when I have sorted out everything else with the car ie: rusted inner doors. First things first and I'd probably go a wild Cam with webbers before injected turbo.

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Yes with the P75 I was talking injection, I mean just the standard annalog stuff not the big bucks aftermarket stuff.

DCOE's are the ultimate buzz to drive but, who can afford the fuel at that rate these days.

I agree Turbo engine is a good long term goal. I know what you mean by bad inner doors, I just changed out the two on the 73 durring repaint as they were like holes in chees.

With the manifold you want to run It is good as long as you can achieve the rich running mixture from the Hitachi's, also a good tip is increase your fuel pressure ( elec pump and regulator) and wrap those on manifold fuel lines well. All the Aussie Standard pre pollution hardware will assist in the horsepower quest.

I did Run the four stud manifold for a while but I kept getting vapour lock so I took the easy option and went injection. Rather than what I have suggested hear.

Good Luck



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In 1972 Nissan engineers were working hard to "fix" the flow problems of the original intake manifold. See problem was that you had a short radius curve to cyl 2 & 5. Thus was born the N-33 manifold which was used on the 1973 240. It had a much improved total airflow capability as well as being much more even accross all cyl. The N-36 intake is essentially the same as the N-33 and was used on all 260's. Ever wonder why when you pull your plugs they are not burning even. In fact I will wager that cyl 1,3,4,&6 all look alike and 2 & 5 look alike but different than the others. Put the N-36 on the car, You WILL increase HP (maybe 2-3) but you will also get a more effecient burn pattern on the spark plugs.

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