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What radiator hoses to get?


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Going to swap out my 240z water inlet for a new one, so it's a good time to put some new hoses - the lower one, maybe a NAPA or Autozone, don't remember, fairly new but it's bulging a little. Any find some they like? The nice repro braided ones are out due to cost, also the Mishimoto silicon (they look good though). Don't mind paying 25 instead of 12 if it's better.

Here's what I found:

MSA upper 16-7201 for $18.87, lower 16-7202, $22.63.

Black Dragon upper 54-500 for $21.95, lower 54-505, 11.95

Gates VulcoFlexII 13x1.25 for $24.96(says it replicates angles of OE but it's flex?)

Dayco upper $17.63

Goodyear upper $11.95

AC Delco upper (looks flex?) $18.49

Also checked the braided sleeving at wirecare.com (they have a bunch).

Flex is ok for me if it works - I like Gates green strip but they don't have 1.25 I.D. Stainless braid ok but I don't want the end covers - gotta see if it's leaking.

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Thank you, guess I'll try the Nissan Parts from Courtesy. Might get some of this stuff to wrap it,WireCare.com :: Your Cable Management SuperStore! Hope it looks ok. Going for a black cloth braded theme. Like the black Mishimoto set but at this time need to spend only on stuff that makes it run or stop better. Can't rationalize $210 for radiator hoses.

I noticed the MSA set was $10.13 for the upper and $12.77 for the lower, in my 2006 catalog. Almost double now.

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I have used rad hoses and heater hoses, lightly used and OEM, that came off of my restoration in favor of factory braided hoses. All hoses are soft and

maybe 8 years old with about 4,000 miles of use. Car is a garage queen.

PM me if interested in a "PAY IT FORWARD" deal and I'll even throw in free shipping.


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EuroDat, couldn't find the hoses on Courtesy website but your link worked. Anybody have the numbers for 72 240z ignition tuneup kit, points, cap and condenser? My 73 AT has the 72 euro distributor, might as well get the kit too if they have it. Their part number catalog is very daunting if you don't know the numbers.

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How did you manage to get your hands on a euro distributor?

Ill let you in on a little secret.

On the Courtesy website its hard to find stuff for the S30. An easier way is to go to their home page and use the "Improved! Search" function to search for a part number, you will find it, given that they have it in stock.

To find the part number use the Carpartsmanual website User Log In or download the software for E-Fast from XenonS30. I think they also have the Euro database as well.


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Thanks guys, ordered them from Courtesy Nissan. Also got some points sets. They don't have the caps and rotors anymore.

Got my euro distributor new from MSA back in 2006. It was $200. Haven't seen it in their online catalog for some time. Did see one advertised in a Japanese car mag recently, had a picture of a distributor and the words S-30 and euro in English, the rest in Japanese. Guess they're available there. It made a huge difference in my car, but then I'm comparing it to a worn out emissions-spec dual-point for the 73 AT's.

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