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Need to replace cracked dash on '76 280z


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Original owner and bought in Hawaii when in military. Now in Minnesota but traveled many a mile while in Army. Anyway the dash has one pretty wide crack as well as a very small one. I've read all the info about repairing, etc BUT I really want a new one or a very nice refurbished one. Yah, I know they are expensive but... I've tried the dash cover years ago but that just warps. Besides zcarsource.com or msa, does anyone know where I can purchase?? :)

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The refurb/restoration cost $1500 and they use the same dash you send them.. Lots of good info on their website. They say that "all the old foam is removed from the dash" but in reality they remove as much as they deem necessary to complete the job, but all the old foam is not removed as they claimed. I was a bit bent about this upon receiving my dash but got over it after speaking with them. This claim made on the website is not accurate and I suggested they change it to accurately reflect the reality of the job. Not sure if they did so or not. I don't recall what the shipping was exactly. I shipped my dash to them through a friend with shipping connections, and Just Dashes charges a set rate to ship it back to you when they finish but IIRC it was not excessive. Let me know if you have more questions.. Hope this helps!


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Thanks so much. Company called zcarsource.com refinishes dashboard and replaces old foam as well as covers in new better material than in the '70's. Do charge $300 more and they take your old dashboard. Think I'm going to use them. Now need to find someone to remove and install here in Twin Cities area, MN. Was told it was quite a project.

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zcarsource.com and arizonzcar.com are different businesses run by different individuals.

I could be totally wrong here, but I suspect zcarsource offers the dash restoration service, but sends them out to one of the real dash restoration businesses, hence the $300 additional charge.

Just my opinion.

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