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    I have an early '74 260Z that I bought in 1993. It ran great for two years, then developed some electrical quirks. The drivers side headlight would work intermittently, etc. Then one day in 1995 it quit running completely (no spark to the plugs). I woke it up in 2006, rebuilt both Weber carbs, boiled out and coated the gas tank, all new fuel lines and filters, completely rebuilt the brakes, transmission, new strut inserts, new center force 2 clutch, resurfaced the flywheel. Mechanically good as new!

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  1. Thanks guys.. Still have the engine block.
  2. Free to a good home.. L26 engine block with crankshaft, some surface rust. In the Portland, OR area. I'd like to give this away if someone needs it. Located in the Portland area. Come get it and it's yours.
  3. Outstanding rust free 240Z for sale in San Antonio.. Lots of extras, including 5 speed manual transmission, new wheels and tires, air dam. Worth a look.. http://www.ebay.com/itm/191545962117?_trksid=p2050601.m570.l4455&_trkparms=gh1g%3DI191545962117.N7.S1.M823.R1.TR1.R1.TR1
  4. Thanks for sharing the photos Sean, your 240 looks awesome!
  5. The refurb/restoration cost $1500 and they use the same dash you send them.. Lots of good info on their website. They say that "all the old foam is removed from the dash" but in reality they remove as much as they deem necessary to complete the job, but all the old foam is not removed as they claimed. I was a bit bent about this upon receiving my dash but got over it after speaking with them. This claim made on the website is not accurate and I suggested they change it to accurately reflect the reality of the job. Not sure if they did so or not. I don't recall what the shipping was exactly. I shipped my dash to them through a friend with shipping connections, and Just Dashes charges a set rate to ship it back to you when they finish but IIRC it was not excessive. Let me know if you have more questions.. Hope this helps! Tom
  6. I had the dash from my '74 260Z redone last year by a company in California called "Just Dashes". The website is Welcome To Just Dashes.. They did a fine job using vinyl that looks exactly like what was on it originally. You can be the judge in these photos...
  7. Wanted to add my two cents before you cut your bumper brackets.. You might not need to cut these at all... I used the bumper mounts as the attachment point for the rotisserie on my 260Z, but I needed to compress the bumper mounts about four inches so the whole contraption would fit in my garage, so I released the compressed gas from the shock absorbers which are the bumper mounts on the 260Z to get the length reduction I needed. All I did was loosen the philips head screw in the center of each bumper mount.. When I did, I heard the hiss of some type of compressed gas escaping the bumper mount, afterwards I was able to push the bumper mount in without it extending back to the original length. You have to remove the bumper to access the philips head screw I am referring to.. Maybe this will allow you to move the bumper closer to the body without cutting the mount at all. Give it a shot..
  8. Wow time sure flies by!!.. I'm still working on my 260Z.. Here are pics of the latest progress...
  9. Nicely done! A good friend of mine is a great fabricator.. I'll let him sort it out and build one similar to yours once my car is running again. Yours is much nicer than the one on Ebay, thanks very much for sharing!
  10. I need a strut tower brace like that for my 260Z.. Please let me know where you found that one. Thanks in advance!
  11. Getting that evaporator out of the car was a b*#ch on my 260Z.. Hang in there with that! It was a classic movie, not just popular by the way.. Gotta love 'The Godfather'!!
  12. Here are a few photos of the hush mat in my 260Z.. Try not to laugh.. I know it looks like a first grader did most of the application, I was trying to get maximum coverage while minimizing waste.. The roof was completely covered as well as the insides of the doors. This is great stuff, I highly recommend it.
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