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  1. Oh, thanks so much. I checked out the Z Store but only saw 3 hoses available. Where do I find the 4th one which is the smallest of the 4?? Or do I buy 2 of one of them?? Thanks for response.
  2. Referring to '76 280z. After dash removal my auto body repair handed me 4 hoses that he thought I should replace. Makes sense because never replaced. Anyway, I'm having trouble finding them. Think I have read that braided would be preferred?? Where does one find these hoses, braided or not?? Thanks for response.
  3. Thanks for the link but I'm a 62 yo woman who needs "to pay" for a professional job. I look at it as an investment for my 25 yo son. !!
  4. I own 1976 280z and after 1 1/2 yrs into restoration I finally have the dash pulled. Are there other businesses out there that do the repair on cracked, etc dashes besides Just Dashes?? I know they are very expensive to have repaired but this is the direction I want to go. Had a dash cover years ago so will not go that route again. I'm here in MN and to my knowledge no one in this regional area to do work. Any ideas greatly appreciated. Thanks-Deb
  5. Yes, I did research about POR15 gas tank repair kit. This kit includes marine clean, prep ready and then U.S. standard fuel tank sealer is used. My mechanic has used this before and I trust him. I've seen positive and negative comments about this product but the instructions must be followed to get desired outcome. Process seems to take a few days, not 24 hours. Worst case the tank will end up at a gas tank repair shop. Thanks for your concern. Deb
  6. Hi Mark, My typo mistake: POR 15 not PRO. But yes they do or have had POR 15 fuel preservative/stabilizer. It was supposed to be include in the POR 15 fuel repair kit I purchased from MSA. I've also seen it on Amazon. Regardless, it seems like Sta-Bil is the way to go. Deb
  7. So, it seems that Sta-Bil is preferred over other brands such as PRO-15. Are you guys using the regular Sta-Bil fuel stabilizer or the 360 treatment/stabilizer?? Thanks for recommendations. Deb
  8. I'm original owner of '76 280z and my mechanic found some rust in the bottom of gas tank (outside tank rust-free). He's going to restore the inside with POR15 fuel tank repair kit. Would you Z owners recommend a fuel stabilizer/preservative and if so, which brand is the best?? Z is in Minnesota and will be stored in the winter months. Plan to drive only when roads are snow/salt free at that time. Recommendations much appreciated. :stupid: Deb
  9. Thanks for all the recommendations! I will email the info to my mechanic. Yes, it is good conversing in a thread with another woman. Deb
  10. Hi guys, I'm thinking there are no OEM fuel hoses that fit from gas tank to fuel pump for purchases out there. So my ? is where is a good place to buy the fuel hose and i"m assuming it should be EFI type of hose/line!? Ideas where to buy? in Minnesota. Thanks for help. :stupid: Deb
  11. Mike, Thanks so much for link. Ordered parts and mechanic will make it work with the right I/O tie rod ends on the left. Deb
  12. Thanks so much for link. I ordered the right inner and outer tie rod ends and mechanic will make it work on the left. Deb
  13. Thank you so much for the info. Spoke with mechanic and decided to go the Right route. :classic:
  14. My mechanic informed me today that I need to replace the left inner tie rod end and jam nut for my '76 280z. Looked all over and can not find. Can anyone help?? :sick:
  15. This concerns a 1976 280z: Last time I filled the tank I noticed the fuel gauge only read 1/4 full. How do I determine if I have a faulty fuel gauge or gas tank sending unit?? If I need to have fuel gauge rebuilt where could I have that done. If sending unit issue: repair/clean or replace. Where would one find a gas tank sending unit for '76 280z?? Thanks for any input!
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